Coronavirus Live Updates: Worldwide Cases Reach 20 Million

Coronavirus Dwell Updates: Agency Overseeing Federal Database Refuses Senators’ Questions

The manager of the Trump administration's new virus database refuses to question the Senate, citing a nondisclosure agreement.The private health technology provider that helps manage the Trump administration's new...
3 Reasons Why Weight Loss Isn't Always Positive

Three Causes Why Weight Loss Isn’t All the time Constructive

It may seem strange or even absurd to view weight loss as a negative experience as you strive to drop those stubborn pounds and inches. But believe it or...
Calm and Free

Calm and Free – Your First Steps to Beating Nervousness

To live calmly and freely and to beat fear has long been a dream of mine.Fortunately, I discovered meditation and am always looking for the best resources for beginners.This...
Meditation against mindfulness

How Does One Differ from the Different?

For years there has been an ongoing debate between meditation and mindfulness and which is the better practice. However, the truth is that both of these practices offer...
Sitting On Your Arse Could Be Killing You

Sitting On Your Arse Might Be Killing You

What if I told you that sitting on your ass could kill you? A recent study of the health risks involved in leading a sedentary lifestyle found that the...