9 Methods to Enhance Testosterone Naturally in 2021


What makes a man? This question has been a subject of great argument for many centuries. However, the thing that leaps to the mind first is, undeniably, testosterone. Testosterone is the most vital male sex hormone that is a critical factor in men’s adolescence. 

An optimal proportion of testosterone maintains high energy levels as well as enhances body strength and masculinity. Besides, it is a crucial aspect regarding physical changes in boys.

But, what course of action should you adopt if you have lower testosterone levels? You will find a vast chain of treatments and procedures in this regard, but it is hard to access an authentic one.

In that sense, you have landed on the right platform. With enough research on this significant health affair, we will introduce you to the precious nine ways that will help you increase testosterone naturally. And, the good news is these will bring beneficial changes to your overall health and well-being. 

So, keep scrolling down.

#1. Testosterone-Boosting Supplements 

Your diet has a significant impact on your testosterone levels. Recent studies have found that men who consume a low-fat diet face testosterone deficiency. Therefore, always be mindful of your diet routine and stay away from prolonged dieting strategies.

Eating bulked-up ingredients fuels your masculinity. Therefore, following a rich diet plan and the intake of the best testosterone booster supplements might boost up your testosterone levels effectively. 

You might be missing some essential nutrients in your daily diet that may boost your T levels. 

We have discussed their importance and how you can have all of them at once below in detail:

D-Aspartic acid is a natural amino acid that can increase your testosterone levels effectively. Colossal research has been done on D-Aspartic acid, which shows it is bound to many fruitful outcomes regarding the whole male reproductive system.

Recent studies have revealed D-Aspartic acid works on some critical testosterone-stimulating hormones like follicle-stimulating hormones and luteinizing hormones, which increases your testosterone levels.

Adding D-Aspartic acid into your diet for 12 days may help enhance testosterone levels and other hormones. Additionally, it may also elevate their production and transportation around the body.

Many studies have also shown that such amino acids may be helpful in sperm production and quality. So, overall, it can be a significant step towards better testosterone levels.

Magnesium is a critical mineral deeply associated with the vital processes in our body, like cellular processes, bone formation, and muscle functions. 

A couple of researches revealed magnesium supplementation for four weeks increases testosterone levels in athletic and sedentary individuals.

A magnesium-rich diet can, directly and indirectly, translate it into an increased T level (since magnesium is also responsible for converting Vitamin D into an active form). 

Although magnesium deficiency is more common in old age, many younger people, like athletes, may also suffer from it, as many minerals like Zinc, magnesium, etc., may be lost in sweat. Therefore, make sure you consume a proper intake of magnesium. 

Though many competitive supplements include magnesium as an ingredient, dietary magnesium always comes first, so try to reach out to the magnesium-rich foods that are abundant, such as greens, nuts, seeds, dry beans, whole grains, and wheat and oat bran.       

Try to stay away from magnesium oxide, as it may cause some significant health issues like intestinal discomfort or diarrhea. 

Zinc is found to be the second most abundant element in humans. Apart from having countless benefits in other health regards, researchers have found Zinc may play a tremendous role in men’s masculinity, fertilization, sperm quality, and hormonal secretion.

Some researchers have also witnessed that an average Zinc concentration in the body is required for the normal functioning of the pituitary gland, which is highlighted in male reproductive potential.

Zinc is found to affect men’s fertility in numerous ways. In addition, low zinc levels in the body have a highlighted negative effect on testosterone concentrations. 

So, keeping all of this in mind, try to incorporate zinc supplements in your diet, which include oysters, beef, nuts, chicken, beans, and many more.

How to Incorporate the Nutrients Mentioned Above in Your Diet?

TestoPrime is the answer, as it is an effective testosterone-boosting supplement. With TestoPrime, you can get all of the essential nutrients in a single package. 

You can get all of these benefits by using this natural testosterone booster. The influential testosterone support can help you maintain your pubescent liveliness with new and fresh testosterone.

TestoPrime is a cost-friendly and 100% dependent combination of natural ingredients, like vitamins and fruit extracts, mainly created to give the best results and promote your overall health.

Men who have entered their 40s or are near to it are advised to purchase it. It may not only bring a flood of testosterone into your body, but it may also help you get rid of tiredness, low energy levels, loss of focus, decreased sexual desires, and a bad memory.

So, if you want all these in a short time, grab this fantastic T-boosting supplement.

#2. Get Sunlight for Vitamin D

Modern studies have shown testosterone makes you manly, and vitamin D supports your bones and muscles. However, recently, it has been concluded these two biomarkers are associated with many other body functions and may affect each other’s levels.

Vitamin D is an essential nutrient that is achieved via sun exposure and many diet supplements. The essential vitamin crucially influences the proper growth and functioning of bones, muscles, nerves, and numerous body organs.

Various researches have been performed on discovering the role of vitamin D in testosterone boosting. It has been found that low vitamin D levels can drop your testosterone levels theoretically. Additionally, it can lead to improper working of the testes.

A few years ago, it was concluded that men with lower Vitamin D and T levels might have more cardiovascular diseases. In addition, people with low T levels may experience some other sexual problems like erectile dysfunction and lower sexual drives. These can be treated with Vitamin D.

Always make sure to have enough Vitamin D included in your diet. There are various supplements available in the market. Another option is to go out in the sunshine, as it is the most reliable and productive way of consuming vitamin D.

Therefore, the sun is the best way to get vitamin D. When you take some Vitamin D-rich supplements or expose your skin to sun rays, your body absorbs it. Your liver will then translate it into its active form called 25(OH) D, which your doctor looks for when he suggests a Vitamin D blood test.

The active form of Vitamin D is then transported throughout your body for different functions. It is now proven the male reproductive system is one of its receivers.

Apart from that, there are some other ways to consume vitamin D like:

  • Eat fatty fish and seafood like mackerel, oysters, shrimps, etc.
  • Consume more mushrooms
  • Incorporate eggs in your diet plan
  • Consume fortified food like milk, orange juice, yogurt, tofu, cereals, soy, almonds, etc.
  • Take Vitamin D supplements

#3. Exercise and Lift Weight

Exercises tend to be the most crucial factor in preventing many health diseases. Surprisingly, this can also be the best alternative to increase your testosterone levels. You can increase your testosterone levels on your own by adopting some essential pieces of training and workouts.

Low testosterone levels are nearly bound to lowered energy levels, decreased muscle mass, and inadequate mental health. Exercises can be the best in this regard.  

Exercises increase testosterone in two ways:

  • It helps in building muscle mass. Once your muscles are building up properly, increased T levels will result.
  • Exercises help in weight balancing and maintenance. Many studies have shown low testosterone levels are closely linked with obesity.

Research has found that heavy training like weight lifting may be the best way to boost testosterone. Lifting heavy weights may help gain muscle mass and, likewise, higher T levels. If you are new to this, opt for a trainer to get basic knowhow of it.

High-intensity interval exercises, if done along with weight lifting, may be the best combination that will not only elevate your T levels but may also help promote heart health. 

High-intensity training is also found to have positive effects on testosterone levels. Research revealed that resting for a couple of minutes between intervals is more advantageous.

Moderate cardio exercises also contribute to some extent, as they protect your heart and inhibit extra cortisol productions, which can negatively impact your muscle mass and T levels.

Make sure to stay away from chronic and prolonged exercises like cycling, running, and swimming for a long time, as these may cause problems regarding your testosterone production.

#4. A Balanced Diet Including Proteins, Carbs, and Fats

Follow a reliable diet plan that includes the intake of all of the necessary nutrients in the proper proportions.  A balanced diet is a crucial factor in elevating T levels. Hundreds of researches show that low testosterone levels and poor diet patterns are strongly interrelated.

A balanced diet not only enhances your T levels, but it has countless health benefits. Many studies show that alterations in dietary plans may lead to hypogonadism. Consuming a balanced diet enriched in proteins, carbs, and healthy fats can go longer toward normal T levels as you age.

Many essential nutrients like proteins, carbs, and healthy fats may bring noticeable benefits to your health and hormonal secretions.

According to recent health researchers, a diet rich in proteins may aid a lot in testosterone boosting. However, another study has revealed low protein levels may damage the Leyden cells assigned to testosterone production. 

Therefore, try to increase your protein intake. This will help you in fat loss which, likewise, is linked with your testosterone. Moreover, it will support your muscle development, which may be essential in testosterone boosting.

Carbs may bring out a rapid increase in your T levels. According to the latest research, eating a carbohydrate-rich diet may be harmful to diabetic people, but it is associated with a high testosterone level in the average person. Instead, try to consume carbs from starchy tubers such as potatoes, yams, pumpkins, etc.

When it comes to fats, many of you may think it has nothing to do with testosterone levels, but it is essential to take a sufficient amount of healthy fats to produce testosterone effectively. In this regard, saturated fats are beneficial.

It would be best if you add the following foods to your daily routine:

  • Lean proteins (lean beef, healthy poultry, and seafood)
  • Eggs
  • Colorful fruits and green leafy vegetables (leafy greens, broccoli, berries, carrots, and avocados)
  • Legumes and beans
  • Nuts, seeds, and edible vegetable oil
  • Whole grains

In short, we would say a healthier diet will result in a healthier weight that may boost your T levels even if you age.

#5. Meditation to Curb Stress

The pressures you are dealing with in your life may reveal several ways. Lower T levels are one of these. Stress may affect some essential hormones like testosterone responsible for pubescence in boys. However, the clear physiological linkage between stress and low testosterone is not known.

Many researchers and physicians have shown some brain chemicals released in response to stress and anxiety, and then they might be transferred to the testosterone-controlling sites in the brain.

Other research shows stress elevates the cortisol levels in the body. Cortisol is a stress hormone released by adrenal glands in the kidneys when you are under stress. It is assigned with the management of numerous processes in the body like metabolism and immune system. Therefore, increased cortisol impacts testosterone productions negatively.

In this regard, meditation may be the best option to get rid of stress. Researchers have found that at least 20-30 minutes of meditation per day will indirectly lower cortisol and increase your testosterone and growth hormone levels.

Always try to manage yourself in stressful situations. This will preserve your sanity and promote your health in many ways.

#6. Sleep, Deep Sleep

Lack of sleep can adversely affect the secretions and levels of many essential hormones and chemicals in the body, including testosterone. Simply speaking, your testosterone levels are directly linked with your sleep. So, the longer you sleep, the higher your T levels will be.

Recent studies have disclosed that testosterone production is at its peak during the REM stage of your sleep. Many physicians also suggest that for a healthy testosterone level, around seven to nine hours of sleep are required.

People who have problems regarding their sleep should consult a doctor, as they unconsciously face a significant problem. 

#7. Avoid Estrogen-Like Compounds

Your T levels are also affected by many other factors. For example, healthier life is based upon the regulation of your sex hormones like testosterone.

Always try to stay away from some chemicals like endocrine disruptors, as they can spoil your hormones badly. Some of them are estrogens compounds that can adversely affect your T levels. So, try to maintain a distance from BPA, Parabens, and other chemicals. 

They act as estrogen-rich elements, and your body may make mistakes in recognizing them due to their similar composition. They create disturbances in normal body functions. So, choose the products which do not have them.

#8. Avoid Alcohol and Drugs

It is a common fact that excessive alcohol and drug consumption may have several adverse effects on your health and, particularly, on your liver. But, does alcohol affect your T levels?

The answer is yes. When you consume alcohol and other similar drugs, your body requires a lot of time to break and process the alcohol. In this way, your system focuses mainly on this task ,which in turn, causes your liver to work more.

During this process, your liver does not get time to perform its other functions, like breaking down some hormones, including estrogen and testosterone. In other words, when you consume alcohol regularly, your testosterone levels are not the same as they are when you avoid alcohol.

Some men are still having a proper T level while consuming alcohol, but that is rare. If you want a normal and healthy T level, it should be your top concern to avoid alcohol and other drug supplements.

Even in just 30 days, you can get an average level of testosterone after quitting your alcohol and drug consumption. Proper T levels are an essential part of your health and well-being. Therefore, staying away from alcohol and drug consumption can be the easiest step to achieve such goals.

#9. Do Not Ignore Your Mental Health

Mental health is something that should never be ignored. Talking about how it affects testosterone levels in the body, you might not believe us. But, if you are stressed out and mentally upset, your T-levels drop significantly low. 

Do not hesitate to consult a psychiatrist whenever you feel like there is something troubling you and making you depressed. Always talk about your mental health with professionals, as it is not a thing to be ignored. 

More to keep in mind is to constantly check the medications you are taking for other health problems. This is because they might contain any ingredient that promotes low T levels. This might not happen, but you should be careful and talk to your online therapist if you feel anything like that.

In Conclusion

Testosterone is an important male sex hormone that promotes masculinity. It also facilitates many other body functions. 

A lot of options are available in the market to boost your T levels, including many therapies, treatments, artificial supplements, and pills. But, the best way to do so is to follow or implement something natural.

In addition to following the simple tips we mentioned above, TestoPrime might help you a lot with getting your testosterone levels boosted up. It is associated with many extra health benefits regarding your heart, brain, and weight balance in addition to boosting T-levels.

However, if you are already on some kind of medication, or have a particular medical condition, make sure to consult your doctor before opting for any supplement. 


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