Construct Your Glute Muscle tissue with Butt Exercises


“Use it or Lose it!” I’m sure many of us have heard this phrase about vacation from work, mental strength, or musical skills. But if I say or think of, this sentence, I immediately think of GLUTE Muscles! That has a lot to do with my job now, but as a percentage of people Work at a desk is on one all the time up, bum Workouts should also be something that creeps into the minds of others outside of the fitness industry. Technology is amazing, but the sedentary lifestyle that comes with it not as much. It doesn’t matter whether you sit or even stand all day, your back chain, your glutes, your butt doesn’t do much.

What are glutes?

The gluteus maximus is the largest of the 3 gluteal muscles and gives the desired round and firm shape. The medius and minimus are on the sides and are responsible for abduction (or pulling the hip away from the body) as well as stabilizing the hip. All 3 of these muscles perform a much-needed function to help us work and exercise harder, safer, and more pain-free.

Why you should activate your glutes

To make matters worse, when your glutes also develop when they’re inactive, a Dr. Stuart McGill coined term, “gluteal amnesia”. So not only do you work less, but you also forget how to activate them when necessary. And believe me, they are needed. When the glutes forget how to do their job, other parts of the body (such as the lower back muscles) have to relax and do a job they were not designed to do. This can lead to lower back, knee and even hip pain.

Where to start

Are you a runner wondering how to get more strength in your stride? Stronger glutes can give you that Explosive power You have to make this final sprint to the finish line. But where do you start? Start with buttock awareness. Do you know what it feels like to contract (squeeze) your glutes during exercise? If not, it’s time to familiarize yourself with your backside. Start to be really aware of the contraction by doing some squats and leg raises while standing or prone. This is how you can make sure on your next run your glutes are working as they should.

Move more

Let us now return to this office scenario. When you get up to leave work after sitting all day, your hips are in a foreshortened position. When your hips are shortened and you automatically start your after-work run, you are more prone to injury. Make sure you take the time to move sideways in the frontal plane of motion, as the sitting and standing that you do all day at work only takes place in the sagittal plane. A dynamic warm-up included Jumps, kicks and ankles is a great way to get your glutes in shape.

Focus on the gluteal muscles

If you really want to develop your glutes, you need to target them with butt workouts. Try this 15 minute workout for your legs and glutes:

Bring away

So think about it. When was the last time you worked your glutes? Do you experience back often, hip, or knee pain? Does your job limit you to a sitting or even standing position? Then you must Do some buttock exercises! There are many exercises that you can do in the comfort of your home without any equipment except yourself and a mat. When you’re ready to move up a notch, add a resistance band to your training. Many buttocks and exercises for the whole body can be found in the adidas training app. Download the app today and strengthen your body from head to toe Buttocks included, of course! Be consistent and your buttocks and your performance will be develop.



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