Foam Curler Workout routines • Relieve Sore Muscle tissue with a Fascia Curler


Does your whole body hurt, do you have tense thighs and calves, a stiff neck or joint pain after training? Yesterday’s bodyweight training or your running session must have been a little too intense.

To avoid or relieve muscle soreness and tension, Proper stretching is absolutely essential. Relaxation and recovery are as important as exercising itself. The best way to help your body is with the right stretching and foam roller exercises.

Foam rollers what is it exactly?

Fascia are the muscular connective tissue of the body: it holds everything together and acts as an elastic shock absorber. Fascia training with a foam roller or a blackroll therefore plays an important role after your full body training. Sometimes intense bodyweight training or a hard running session causes the fascia to dry out. As a result, the fascia loses its elasticity and binds, making the body more prone to injury.

Regular foam roller exercises …

… relaxes the deep tissue, loosens the muscles and makes them supple again.

The best times for foam roller exercises are just before and right after your workout, although it should be slower and longer then. Focus on the following parts of the body:

1. thigh

Numerous Squats and Burpees can really take it toll on your quads. You can reduce muscle stiffness by doing slowly Roll your anterior, medial, and hamstring muscles after your workout.

A young man is using the foam roller

2. lower leg

Your shins and calves are also exercised pretty well when you go for a run or Do body weight training. Therefore, Don’t forget to roll them with foam too.

3. Back

Full-body training requires strong back and core stability. One way to avoid back pain is to regularly massage these muscles with a Fascia roll. But don’t overdo it – massage slowly and carefully. If it starts to hurt, then you should stop.

Get fit

Anyone who is physically active knows that stretching helps prevent sore muscles. it allows your muscles to feel after an intense one work out. However, all too often this knowledge does not find its way into practice. Our everyday lives are stressful and there is seldom time for thorough stretching. 5 or 10 minutes for foam Post-workout role exercises are easy to indent and can be very helpful for recovery.

Instruction video: foam Role exercises

This video shows you which foam roller exercises can help you release tension and relieve sore muscles.


Limit each exercise to 30 seconds and perform it in a controlled manner.



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