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Best leaders follow

Leadership is actually service in disguise. In order for the leader to be on duty, he must have strong emotional intelligence. EQ can also be trained in adults.

I saw this article highlight why I think "The Best Leaders Follow".

The title of a CEO should be "Chief Emotional Officer".

It seems that almost anyone and their sister can start a company
these days. You can hire people, get seed capital and too
they run. But what happens when the company grows? What happens if
30 people are working for it at once? 50? 100? How does it work?
it goes on and on growing? The answer, of course, is leadership.
Indeed, leadership is the answer to many questions other than one
about company. It is the answer to questions about how a family is doing
go and become a loving, supportive haven for its members. It is
the answer to how well parenting is done. It's the answer to being like a group
of friends can ensure that they all have time together, away from it all
maintain a thriving relationship. It's the lead all the way down.

But don't twist it, leadership is not a person who climbs on one
Milk crate and others shout what needs to be done. Leadership is
Not one person yells at the service providers as they ask
Perfection – yesterday! People who call themselves leaders do that, but
Things like that don't make a leader. I am in a management position. I
have been for a couple of years. I usually have a small team
Veterans – people who did the job and did it well, e.g.
Years. I'm nominally their leader, but I'm not leading yet. I'm trying,
but i have work to do. The work I will do follows.
That's true. I've come to learn that real leaders – if they have
the title or not – are good followers. Follow real leaders – in 5
important ways.

You follow the questions to see where they lead. The best leaders ask questions – many of them. Simple, sometimes silly sounding, but certainly lots of them. Then they wait for the answer and listen with the intention of understanding. Which often leads to them asking follow-up questions. They can use questions to find out what's going on. Questions tell them how their people are doing. Who is fine and who is not? Questions tell them what the real problems are and who may have solutions for them. Above all, questions guide the leaders. They lead executives to new visions, new priorities, new breakthroughs and ultimately to success.

They follow their employees to the end of the world

Managers must have trust in their employees. You have to trust them.
You have to be ready to strike against critics for them, and them
must be ready to follow their employees to the end of the world
their search for innovations and answers. The following must be
collaborative, enthusiastic and encouraging. If so, make it and
cemented strong bonds between leaders and followers. These bonds ultimately
outlast the stress caused by up and down business cycles. These bonds
become what the company is under all earnings reports and marketing

The best leaders follow the heartbeat of their organization.

When a leader can't tell you what the heartbeat of their organization is
sounds like you missed out. A leader has to know the people
and knowing how things are going and where they're going. You need to
know the ups and downs of morale, the proud moments of teams and
the problems of those trying to push projects through. As disastrous as it may be
Perhaps the sound of all this work needs to pulsate through the
The leader's eardrum – a soundtrack to her days.

They follow their vision

People will work for a leader when that leader has a clear vision, and
when that vision clearly benefits everyone in the company.
When a vision isn't one that every person in the company can explain and do
so proud it's not a vision – it's jargon and dogma. And so it happened that the
The “Führer” who created it did not lead, only pitched it. When people
Believe in what you say and you do what you say they believe
in them. They come to push hard for you. They come to follow you
promised land. But even this promised land must be worth somewhere

You follow through.

A leader keeps his promises. On the ground floor
People need to see the leader as the only person who can do what they say
You will be. Maybe that means making a lot less promises – probably always
means that. But even if only a few are promised, but they are always kept,
and held as expected, it builds up the leader's stock.

In this regard, leadership is actually a service in disguise.
Leadership is actually a lot of people who agree that you are serving them, and
you can't forget that. As a manager, you inspire people with one
Vision, yes. However, this vision is actually the will of your people
not yours. They just pulled it out of them and remind them how
it is vital. You serve them in their vision, they just don't
always notice.

In order for the leader to be on duty, he must have strong emotional intelligence. This is a main reason why we developed the Emotional Intelligence Training Course.

I was lucky enough to have started a moving meditation with Tai Chi at a young age. By practicing Tai Chi for over 25 years, I have been able to lay a solid foundation to support the most important aspect of EQ development, which is attention training.

If you are interested in supporting yourself or helping the teams that you are
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