Loaded Motion Coaching: Your New Resistance Coaching Routine

Loaded Movement Training: Your New Resistance Training Regimen

Whenever you need a workout that gives you more time, look no further than strength training. Mind you, not just any form of strength training, but stressed movement training, because that is what your body needs.

One of the great reasons many fitness enthusiasts have chosen to exercise with high-impact movements is because with just a few repetitions, you're sure to be using all of your body muscles.

You may find that this is very different from other forms of strength training, where the impact of your exercise is only felt around the chest or arms.

What is Loaded Movement Training?

In its simplest form, weight-bearing movement training is a form of strength training that is based on various whole-body movement patterns along with a load.

With loaded movement training, you can build muscle mass and develop all of your physical strength as a unit while moving loads at different speeds and in different directions.

In all fairness, stressful exercise training is a surefire way to build high levels of endurance that can help you withstand explosive and unfamiliar movement patterns in your daily activities.

Why is it important to train this way?

The function and mechanism of the entire body are very dynamic, especially when you consider the various hectic and demanding activities that you sometimes expose your body to.

With a good understanding of this constant pressure on the body, including the stressed movement training in your routine exercise plan will challenge and build your body and muscles to withstand almost any type of stress from your daily activities.

More so, the fact is that moving the body with a little load is a great way to build endurance, improve athletic performance, agility, and even everyday performance.

Commonly used props for charged movement training

Well, when it comes to stressful movement training, no tool or prop can be described as more effective than the other.

However, the most important thing about doing a weight-bearing workout is that any tool is very useful in helping you achieve your weight training goals. This is especially important, especially when used properly and for the correct activity.

Here are some common props to use as loads or to add loads to a multiplanar body movement when doing a charged movement workout.

  1. Weight vest
  2. Small sandbags
  3. Dumbbells
  4. Stability balls
  5. Medicine balls
  6. ViPR

Health Benefits of Exercising with Loaded Movements

  1. The multiplanar movement of the body improves the elasticity and appearance of the skin.
  1. Exercising with charged movements uses a large number of muscles, fasciae and connective tissues in a single training session.
  1. Unlike other strength training programs that use loads to lift loads against gravity, when exercising with loaded movements, loads are moved by gravity, increasing the tension on the fascia muscles rather than compressing the load tension around the joints.
  1. The multi-directional movement of loads through different movement patterns and different starting points increases strength and stability.

  1. Depending on the sporting activity goals you want to achieve, you can build up different parts of the body and develop sport-specific strength with stressful exercise training.

Wrap up

Strength training is a form of exercise that is aimed at developing and strengthening different parts of the body by carrying some loads.

Loaded movement training essentially involved carrying loads and moving them in different directions.

This is a great way to build stability, strength and muscle growth, especially when working with popular tools like ViPR, dumbbells, weight vests, etc.


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