Methods to convey mindfulness into your worker wellness program

How to bring mindfulness into your employee wellness program

At Just Being, we have a course that can bring mindfulness to your employee wellness program. Employees can also increase their emotional intelligence.

At Just Being, we have a course that can bring mindfulness into your employee wellness program. Employees can also increase their emotional intelligence.
You have probably heard the term "mindfulness" in the workplace
recently. This is one of the easiest, most affordable ways to get you started
Employees become healthier and happier. Why is mindfulness so popular?
Every single person in your office has experienced stress or anxiety
At some point in their life but not everyone knows how to deal with or
deal effectively with stress. Mindfulness can be used preventively
Measure of stress, fear and difficulty concentrating. It also
acts to maintain and promote emotional well-being and awareness.

Mindfulness Explained

According to the definition of the dictionary, mindfulness is a mental state that is achieved through
calmly focus the awareness on the present moment
Acknowledge and accept feelings, thoughts and bodies
Sensations – used as a therapeutic technique. Mindfulness does not involve
any evaluation, interpretation or judgment. In other words, mindfulness
is a perceptual awareness that focuses more on “being” than “doing”.
Mindfulness enables us to block automatic and mandatory thoughts
can cause worry, stress, or distraction. By focusing on the task at hand
or current state of mind, these negative or distracting thoughts can be
cleared away. When mindfulness is mastered, there is a sense of control over
conscious thoughts, behaviors and attitudes. We become aware of what
we feel and how we act. Any activity anytime, anywhere
can be done with mindfulness. Examples of activities that can
Including mindfulness is unlimited – for example, train, create
Art, playing an instrument, working or cleaning. Once there is mindfulness
learned and performed, it can really be used to help in any situation
Increase focus and identify emotional needs or feelings.

Benefits of practicing mindfulness

With its increasing popularity, mindfulness has finally got numbers too
its effectiveness back. Although mindfulness is certainly not new
Concept studies have only recently shown the benefits
Employee wellbeing. Aetna took the lead in the implementation
mindfulness-based wellness programs, and their most recent success was
published in the Atlantic. Since the implementation of mindfulness-based wellness
Aetna has estimated savings of approximately $ 2,000 in healthcare
Cost and has gained around $ 3,000 in productivity per employee.
Mindfulness shouldn't be cultivated solely for the purpose of saving
Money in health care costs and productivity, but to reduce or
prevent an unhealthy mentality among employees. A study from 2016 found this
Employees who have received two hour weekly mindfulness training
Over a period of eight weeks there was an improvement in various areas,
including life satisfaction and hope, along with reduced anxiety.
The results of this study also showed that these employees showed
greater focus on work as well as improved
interpersonal relationships.

Try mindfulness for yourself

Whether at home, on vacation or during the work day, mindfulness
can be implemented in different ways. Here are some easy ways
to make sure you attain mindfulness to increase your positive
Thoughts, actions and behaviors:

  • Meditation. Mindfulness is essentially the main frame behind everyone
    Form of meditation and there are many to choose from. Some include
    Clear your thoughts completely while others have to pay attention
    any thoughts or feelings that are present. If you are new
    Meditation, do your research to find out what types of meditation you would like
    Feel most comfortable when you try or start with. Meditation can be
    alone, with an instructor or in a group. There are also
    Some great apps to help you relax.
  • Tai Chi is how I discovered mindfulness. Tai Chi is a moving meditation and besides the meditation benefits, there are many scientific studies that prove the health benefits as well.
  • Yoga. In addition to an effective way to physically build
    Strength, yoga is a great way to build mental strength. Similar to
    Meditation, yoga is a pleasant way to practice mindfulness. If you
    If you have practiced yoga before, you may not be aware that you did so
    I've also practiced mindfulness, especially if you've ever focused on it
    Breath awareness. If you've never done yoga before, don't be afraid
    to try. Yoga is suitable for everyone, regardless of age or age
    physical ability.
  • Breathing exercises.
    This is a simple technique that can be done anywhere, including you
    Writing desk! Breathing exercises only take a few minutes and can reduce stress
    and sharpen concentration. There are many resources available online, though
    You need help getting started with simple breathing techniques.
  • Wake up on the "right" side of the bed. Start your day with
    Practicing mindfulness will help you tremendously. There is no doubt about that
    A bad morning will ultimately lead to a bad day. Mindful recently
    published great tips on mindful activities to start the day. To keep
    Make yourself as stress free as possible when you start your day with it
    Nothing negative will spread to your office, your co-workers, or people around you

Would you like to implement mindfulness in your company?

If you are an employer who wants to include some mindfulness
Practices for your employees' working day, good for you! However, it can be
It's hard to figure out where to start if you don't have a lot of experience.
Here are some tips on how to implement mindfulness in your workplace:

  • Bring up.
    Although mindfulness is a trending topic right now, it still remains
    alien topic for many people. Make sure you let your staff know about this
    What mindfulness is and what it means to practice it. Imagine
    Mindfulness in a meeting and share facts and research on its benefits.
    Show that you are mindful yourself and bring up simple ideas
    Ways to Try Mindfulness. Encourage employees to share positively
    Experience of mindful behavior.
  • Offer classes.
    Since mindfulness is a relatively new concept to many, try to offer it
    Beginner meetings inside or outside your company for employees. Although
    Mindfulness isn't necessarily difficult to achieve or practice, it can be
    It is difficult for beginners to know where to start. Company sponsored courses
    Mindfulness, meditation or yoga can be an excellent jumping off point
  • Practice in the office. Mindfulness can be practiced anywhere
    including cubicles, desks and meetings. Try some mindfulness
    Activities at a meeting or employee outing to motivate employees.
    Incorporate simple breathing techniques or beginner yoga poses and you have it
    Employees try to do this at the end or at the beginning of a meeting.

Mindfulness is a step in the right direction when it comes to this
Bring a more holistic approach to your employee wellness program.
Emotional and mental wellbeing have a huge impact on the wellbeing of
your team. With a healthy mindset, it is easier to perform as well
Concentrate during the working day. Try mindfulness for yourself and
Invite your wellness team to think about ways you can promote mindfulness
all of your employees.

I was lucky enough to have started a moving meditation with Tai Chi at a young age. By practicing tai chi for over 25 years, I have laid a solid foundation to support the most important aspect of EQ development, which is attention training.

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