Tai Chi Shifting Meditation – Emotional Intelligence(EQ) coaching course with mindfulness meditation

tai chi is ideal to begin learning attention training

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I've found mindfulness and tai chi go together perfectly to increase the thrust
Mindfulness training. In our tai chi training we are often told to be
mindful. What is mindfulness and why is it important to our practice?
of Tai Chi Chuan. Mindfulness means being aware of the moment of being
present in what you are doing and where you are right now.

need to pay attention to all parts of the body, not just the isolated ones
Parts. For example in the "Single Whip" movement it is very easy to be
focused on the opening leading hand and not on the opposite
(Hook) hand or on the movement of the legs. This act of mindfulness
not only helps to unite the body parts, but also the
Spirit and body.

Jon Kabat-Zinn, Ph.D. is known internationally
for his work as a scientist, writer and meditation teacher. In this
Video below he explains his working definition of mindfulness. This is
Another look at the importance of mindfulness so we can better understand it
its use in our practice of Tai Chi Chuan.

in the
In the video he talks about an interesting and important part of
Mindfulness. That is, not being judgmental while being mindful. Jon
Kabat-Zinn then goes on to say what he means by not being caught
those judgments that color the things we like or dislike.

If we are not judgmental in our mindfulness, it can affect our Tai practice
Chi Chuan? Maybe you don't like the way the teacher tells you
How to learn a move that you may not entirely agree with. If
You practice this movement with this judgment in mind, then it is you
not really being mindful and being in the moment, being aware of all of it
Things that need attention. Maybe you are proud of yourself that you
can do the movements so well. This tarnishes your mindfulness so that
You don't notice any mistakes in your Tai Chi?

Practice your tai chi
Chuan with true mindfulness is very difficult. There are so many things
to remember as you study and also for those who have practiced
for many years. By practicing being mindful in the early stages of
Your workout, you anchor an important part of your workout that will
Get more important as your tai chi develops.

How to become
The better you are in your Tai Chi Chuan, the more the practice becomes
Exercise the mind more than the body. The ability to groom
Mindfulness in one's own practice is an essential part of reaching higher levels
Levels in the development of Tai Chi Chuan.

I was lucky enough to have started a moving meditation with Tai Chi at a young age. Practice tai chi
For over 25 years I have been able to create a solid foundation for support
The most important aspect of EQ development is attention

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