The iceman wim hof on why breath is life, chilly is god

the iceman wim hof on why breath is life, cold is god & feeling is understanding

Visit the RichRoll website and watch the podcast with Wim Hof. Meet Wim Hof, aka The Iceman. – Why breath is life, cold is god and understands feeling A Dutch world record holder, adventurer, daredevil and human guinea pig, The Iceman, is known for his supernatural ability to withstand extreme cold.

Perhaps more significant and convincing is his experimentation and experience with specific and teachable breathing techniques. Rooted in the ancient yogic tradition of pranayama and canonized for a modern audience as the Wim Hof ​​Method, Wim claims that he can "turn up his own thermostat" and consciously activate his sympathetic nervous system by using his mind through yoga. This may sound like a stretch. But get to grips with some of the crazy things this 20+ world record holder has made:

  • Shirtless Wim, only decked out in shorts, climbed the height of the death zone (22,000 feet) on Mount Everest.
  • Barefoot, shirtless and again only in shorts, Wim completed a full marathon over the Arctic Circle in Finland.
  • he climbed Kilimanjaro in less than two days, again wearing only shorts;
  • over the Arctic Circle he swam a world record of 66 meters under one meter of ice;
  • he can sit in an ice bath for almost 2 hours; and
  • In 2011 he ran a full marathon in the Namib Desert without water

But there is more.

In 2011, under medical supervision, Wim voluntarily had himself injected with a toxic E. coli endotoxin that makes everyone very sick. The idea was to demonstrate that through his meditation and breathing techniques he can effectively control his autonomic immune system response and reverse harmful health effects.

Wim didn't get sick.

Apart from his innumerable unbelieving achievements, he is a long-time vegetarian who – for over 30 years – has not eaten before 6 p.m. All of this seems insane.

But Wim is hardly a carnival sideshow – the physical stunts are merely a means of getting the attention of the scientific community for study and documentation purposes. Ask Wim and he will tell you he is nothing special.

He declares his achievements to be reproducible and his methods teachable – a curriculum that has the potential to unlock a number of human superpowers that go well beyond extreme temperature tolerance and control a multitude of functions of the sympathetic nervous system and the metabolic "reptilian brain" include that were previously believed to be beyond conscious manipulation. A typical example? After just 4 days of class, Wim led a group of courageous volunteer students through his endotoxin exposure experiment (again under medical supervision and scientific observation). None of them got sick. And now he routinely takes groups of students – most of whom you would call non-athletes – up Kilamanjaro.

Of course only in shorts. As a kilometer-long, absolutely fascinating guy with charm and charisma, my conversation with Wim is less about human biology than about belief systems. It is an exploration of dormant biological and mental potential. It's about yoga, grief, depression, change and the nature of consciousness. And it's about the ever-expanding event horizon of human potential that should push you out of your comfort zone and challenge and nudge you to question the unnecessary boundaries we impose on ourselves every day. Specific topics examined include:

  • how to awaken inner resting ability
  • how to control metabolic pathways
  • the science behind the Wim Hof ​​method
  • Survivors of Grief – Catalyst for Change and Exploration
  • dive deeper into consciousness
  • Promotion of the message with 26 world records
  • be in service and in harmony with nature
  • voluntary activation of the sympathetic nervous system
  • Breathing & extreme cold
  • pH values: acidosis vs. Alkalosis
  • E. coli voluntary endotoxin injection
  • Ascent to Kilimanjaro
  • Studies on pain management and inflammation
  • Reversal of chronic conditions
  • Combating depression, grief and addiction
  • intermittent hypoxic training
  • spiritual, ecological, ethical and health crises
  • the original way
  • typical day with Wim Hof

I was lucky enough to have started a moving meditation with Tai Chi at a young age. By practicing tai chi for over 25 years, I have been able to lay a solid foundation to support the most important aspect of EQ development, which is attention training.

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