11 Wonderful Advantages of Consuming Cucumbers

Benefits of Cucumbers

Cucumbers are one of the most common "vegetables" in the world (yes, they are technically a fruit). They are inexpensive, widely available, and full of healing properties with many health beauty benefits.

As with many other "live" foods, drinking or eating won't make you feel overly full or bloated!

These green vegetables are definitely a healthy food to include in your diet after reading these 11 amazing benefits of eating cucumber.

Trust me you won't regret it!

Here are the 11 benefits of eating pickles

  1. Reduce your cancer risk. Cucumbers contain polyphenols called lignans, which can help reduce the risk of breast, ovarian, uterine and prostate cancers. They also contain phytonutrients that work against cancer. Read the Weight & Cancer Report here.
  2. Liven up your eyes. Placing chilled, thin slices of cucumber over your eyes might sound like a clichéd beauty tip, but it really helps in reducing the pouches and puffiness under your eyes.
  3. Helps keep you hydrated. If you're struggling to drink enough water throughout the day, go for the cool pickle, which is 96 percent water. It will surely compensate!
  4. Keeps your mouth fresh. Cucumber juice refreshes and helps heal gum disease. Your mouth will feel refreshed and smell nice.
  5. Helps in controlling stress levels. The multiple B vitamins found in cucumber, including vitamin B1, vitamin B5, and vitamin B7, are known to reduce anxiety and some of the effects of stress.
  6. Helps with healthy digestion. Chewing cucumbers gives the pines a good workout, and the fiber they contain is great for digestion.
  7. Healthy hair and nails. A wonderful cucumber mineral called silica makes your hair and nails stronger and shinier.
  8. Maintain a healthy weight. Cucumbers are very low in calories, but make a filling snack (one cup of sliced ​​cucumber contains only 16 calories). The fiber, which is soluble in cucumber, dissolves in your intestines in a gel-like texture, thus slowing down digestion. This helps you feel fuller for longer and is one reason why high fiber foods can help you lose weight.
  9. Washes out toxins. All of the water in the cucumber acts like a virtual broom, removing waste products from your system. With regular use, cucumber is known to dissolve kidney stones.
  10. Showers with vitamins A, B and C. These are known to boost your immunity, give you energy, and keep you looking radiant. Increase the potency by juicing a cucumber with spinach and carrots. If you need a little more sweetness add half an apple.
  11. Reduces cholesterol levels. A compound found in cucumber called sterols helps lower bad cholesterol.


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