14 Methods to Use Avocado


If you are scared of green foods, then you’ve never eaten an avocado or found the right ways to use avocados. There’s a reason for all of the guac-induced madness that exists in American society today. Little omega-3 miracles, these fruits – yes fruit, not vegetables – pack the right nutrition and taste into every meal.

Avocados distribute heart-healthy monounsaturated fats. And according to the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics (AND), a study by researchers at Ohio State University found that the fat from avocados helps people better absorb carotenoids, a type of antioxidant found in many vegetables like carrots, sweet potatoes, and spinach. Avocados are also a good source of fiber. Talk about a superfood!

Avocados have a very delicate taste, which makes them a versatile addition to any dish. Even if you absolutely despise the color, you will be surprised and impressed how they can do justice to the taste occasion. An eighth of an avocado (or a tablespoon pureed) counts as an extra Food system. And with all of these smart ways to use them, consider all three extras that are being considered today!

Here are 14 awesome ways to cook with avocado:

1st sub for mayo.

There is nothing worse than a dry sandwich. Unfortunately, mayonnaise and traditional hoagie spreads are ingredients that should be used with caution when dieting. So, smear your meal with something better. Avocado puree is that special something your Sammy needs so that you can really enjoy your healthy meal – not choke on it.

2. Add creaminess to the sweet potato.

Sweet potatoes are the perfect mix of sweet and savory. But there is a way to make it even better: the next time you toast some of that sweetness, mix in some ripe avocado into the finished product. This creamy porridge tastes better than ever. No butter or milk necessary.

3. Bake cookies.

If you’re on the cutting edge of the cook-for-health scene, you may have seen this before. It’s now 100 percent possible to bake impressive cookies – with healthy fat! With the nutritious punch of avocados, these diet recipes leave the bad things behind.

4. Make salad dressing.

You would be absolutely shocked at how unhealthy salad dressings can be. Topping your hearty bowl of veggies with some of these crazy bottled sauces can lead to an absolute diet disaster. Those who aren’t total calorie bombs are usually still bad news due to their sketchy ingredient lists. Save yourself future regrets and make your own dressing by mixing mashed avocado with the acid of your choice for the creamy base. Avocado oil also works wonders.

5. Sneak it into brownies.

Yes, just like you can use avocado for cookies, they also contain brownies. Swap the saturated fats for omega-3 fatty acids and eye-boosting antioxidants like lutein.

6. Top salads.

Your body needs healthy fats so that it can absorb all of the wonderful nutrients that are in your vegetables. Avocado slices take salads to new heights with a creaminess that no one can deny. You may have tried topping your Mexican-inspired taco salads with this superfood, but be adventurous. Have you ever eaten a spinach salad with roasted red pepper and avocado? To die!

7. Fry vegetables (or meat … or anything).

One of the greatest benefits of avocado is the oil it produces. Like coconut oil, avocado oil has a much higher smoke point than extra virgin olive oil. If you cook with oils that are way above their smoking point – a lot of people make this mistake with olive oil – the result is less than great. According to the Mayo Clinic, the diet drops and with it the taste. The next time you take it in your pan, use the avocado oil instead.

8. Green smoothies.

Why are nut butters so loved when it comes to smoothies? Avocado is an excellent addition to any hearty drink. It brings the velvety texture that every smoothie junkie wants in their cup. Berries and the rest of your fun additions can mask the taste and color. Let the cold, sweet satisfaction begin.

9. Moisturize.

Using food as a moisturizer is nothing new thanks to the arrival of coconut oil on the healthy skin scene. It seems like everyone is putting on coconut oil today – hair, skin, and so much more. Avocado can play a similar role. Consuming more avocados means more good fat to keep the dryness out and keep your body in tip-top shape. Applying a small amount of avocado oil directly to your skin and hair can create a protective barrier that nourishes it. And goodbye fly-aways!

10. Make more nutritious tuna salad.

As we said earlier, fatty mayonnaise doesn’t always fit into your diet when you’re trying to shed a few pounds or keep them off. But again, how realistic would it be to never enjoy your favorite deli salads again? Tuna salad, salmon salad, chicken salad, and more all need a thick and creamy base to glue all of your delicious ingredients together. Just mash some ripe avocado with a fork (maybe with a dash of lemon or lime juice) and add it to chopped pieces of your favorite protein.

There are some really exciting ways to get creative with your avocado-based salad recipes. Explore some of the options posted here, such as: Avocado Chicken Salad Sandwich or Thin avocado egg salad or take matters into your own hands and experiment.

11. Spice up the popcorn.

We all agree: there is definitely a time and place for butter on popcorn. But we can also confirm that this may not be the best option when trying to reach a weight loss goal. Avocado oil is a fantastic change of peeling and flavoring your bowl. Add a slight scatter or pop your kernels with the stuff and the sky is the limit. Chili powder for something smoky, cinnamon when sweetness is the order of the day … whatever you like!

12. Weigh an egg.

Did you know you can bake an egg in an avocado? Halve an avocado, remove the core and crack an egg in its place. Bake it until the egg is done and you have healthy fats and nutrients for days. It is indulgent, in the most benevolent way possible. Eating the whole thing would be just over the limit for extras, so stick with 3/8 of the avocado. It is also perfectly acceptable to share this breakfast with your sweetheart.

13. Treat yourself to pudding.

Avocado has another use that couldn’t be sweeter: a great base for pudding. Dieters are thrilled to know that the next time they feel the need for a childhood favorite they won’t screw up their diet. Avocado serves as the base for pudding with a little cocoa powder and sugar-free honey (a tablespoon of sugar-free honey is an extra on Nutrisystem). Snack packs cannot beat this full-fledged alternative. Completely delicious and no belly fat consequences.

14. Assemble salsa.

Everyone makes guacamole. However, combine the Mexican dip favorites – guac and salsa – for the ultimate party starter. Chili spices, roasted vegetables and fresh tomatoes are spiced up with pieces of avocado or guacamole sprinkled with coriander for an unbelievable taste. You will reconsider your fear of touching food on your plate when they are mixed together.


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