16 Wholesome Concepts to Combine into Your Working Day

16 Healthy Ideas to Integrate into your Working Day

Make your work environment healthier with these healthy ideas

The office or workplace is often overlooked as it has a huge impact on our habits, but it has to. When you work on a computer, just think about the number of hours you sit on it without moving. And think of all the occasions when you "accidentally" or thoughtlessly eat chocolate, cake, or pizza – it is often at work when a celebration collides with our lack of assertion, which means we say "yes" when we do really want to say "no". . A healthy office doesn't have to be boring, however – it can be a stepping stone to spark healthier habits that will enable us to shed serious pounds of fat.

What do employers and employees get out of it?

In your opinion, what influences the motivation, productivity and efficiency of employees the most? Answer: your work environment. Employees are the best asset of any organization, and research shows that employee well-being efforts can promote better teamwork, increase productivity, increase profitability, decrease turnover, and reduce absenteeism and accidents at work.

Did you know that an unhealthy diet is linked to a 66 percent increased risk of lost productivity? This is based on a study published in the science journal Population Health Management (read more here). This study was based on a fairly robust sample of nearly 20,000 Americans. Further results showed that employees who only exercise occasionally were 50 percent more likely to report lower productivity than employees who exercise regularly.

We all know – getting more exercise, eating right, drinking more water, dealing with stress, and having the support of your job can make a huge difference in your job performance. In fact, emotional health and wellbeing are also now being prioritized in some big tech companies like Google and Facebook (smart they; they know a healthy workforce increases profitability).

The beauty of it, however, is that having a healthier workforce (and a healthier work environment) not only adds zeros to a company's profits, it also increases personal happiness and longevity, and puts a huge strain on our healthcare systems (and lowers health insurance) – that also makes sense on a social and economic level! It's a win-win situation!

16 healthy ideas to integrate into your working day

  1. Take the stairs: Did you know that just seven minutes of climbing stairs a day can cut your risk of heart attack in half over 10 years? And that just two more minutes of climbing stairs a day are enough to stop average weight gain in middle age? That's very motivating, isn't it?
  2. Yoga sessions at lunchtime: When space permits, hiring a teacher to teach in the office or to attend a nearby class with colleagues over lunch is a wonderful way to add stretching and meditation to your work day.
  3. Organize evening runs: It's free and includes just a little more time to spend on your work day, but it's worth it. Also, it can be more effective in terms of consistency, as most of us get drawn to the couch and TV as soon as we get home and it is difficult to get back to exercise.
  4. Go on foot.: Go through the park for a brainstorming meeting! Research shows that walking meetings are especially good when it comes to conflict resolution or negotiation.
  5. Arrange lectures from experts: For example, inviting a doctor, nurse or other medical professional to the offices to discuss health and wellbeing. We ourselves have successfully conducted motivational corporate meetings and worked with companies to offer employee discounts for our programs. If you are interested in discussing further, please contact our Sandyford headquarters (01-2938020)..
  6. Bring equipment: If a kitchen is in progress and the noise doesn't distract co-workers, you can bring a blender for soup or healthy smoothies (remember to make them with almond milk and a small amount of orange juice instead of everything as this is too much sugar. Add They also add protein with seeds like hemp.
  7. Do you have a refrigerator The research supports us on this question: Bringing in your lunch increases the chances of you adhering to a healthy diet greatly because you have it under control and are prepared and ready to go when you need it. If your company doesn't have a refrigerator or the one installed isn't big enough, ask for a new one. If you don't ask, you don't get!
  8. Ask about healthier meetings: If you find that team meetings are always interrupted with a plate of pastries or unhealthy sambos, you will be asked about healthier options, even if the budget only allows vegetable crudités with hummus. Another great option are low-sugar protein bars.
  9. Work on developing healthy workplace policies: This can bring in a healthy meal plan and make some changes to it. I find it intimidating to make changes, get a few colleagues on board and make them available to management.
  10. Change machines: If they only contain sugary snacks and drinks, replace them with protein bars and water. This will drastically reduce employee sugar intake (and help stabilize that blood sugar!).
  11. Set up an employee sports team: It can be a fun way to socialize outside of work pressure and meet people from other companies in your industry.
  12. Think about whether you want to cycle to work: or cycle part of the way.
  13. Offer weekly meditation classes: or, if there is no budget, organize a "mindful moment" of breathing before or after team meetings. You may feel crazy for suggesting it, but your reps will notice an almost instant increase in their wellbeing and they will thank you!
  14. Encourage regular breaks: Suggest that employees take a walk and move their limbs as they break.
  15. Start desk exercise: These are simple yet effective resistance exercises that will help maintain (or even build) muscle mass, which in turn helps with weight management.
  16. Healthier corporate events / functions: Offer a good selection of soft drinks at corporate events and keep healthier foods on hand to help employees make healthier choices.


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