6 Causes You Are Not Shedding Weight

6 Reasons You Are Not Losing Weight

You have either just tried losing weight or you are in a few months. You notice that nothing is happening.

No panic.

First of all, you may actually be losing fat as you build muscle so the scales don't shift because of this. If you are sure that you are not losing fat and that your clothes are just as tight (or tighter), you still don't need to worry. All you have to do is make a few small adjustments to get your body into the optimal fat burning zone. Changing your weight and habits takes commitment, self-discipline, perseverance and resilience – but it's worth every drop.

6 reasons why you shouldn't lose weight

1. They hold back water: I currently have a lot of water retention around my ankle after my Achilles injury. The scales tell me I gained seven pounds, but at least some of that is likely water. The answer? Ironically, it's about drinking more water. I need to drink more to flush out any water retention.

The same applies after a flight, before menstruation or simply because we are not drinking enough (our body almost panics and clings to the liquid if it does not get enough). Most of us only get half or even a quarter of the recommended 8 glasses / 4 pints we should. Start your day with 2 glasses of water, then add most of your water before lunch to maximize the chance of achieving this goal.

2. You have unrealistic expectations: Do you remember the diet you went on 10 years ago and dropped a stone in 2 weeks? Well, it may seem fine from afar, but I'm pretty sure that you've amassed those extra pounds (and some), you haven't changed your habits at all and your shape has pretty much stayed the same. With the motivational program, most women can expect to lose a healthy and realistic 1 to 2 pounds per week (2 to 4 pounds on our more rigorous programs, or men are often lucky enough to lose weight at this faster pace).

You will change your habits – for life (i.e., longer term weight control and eventually learning the root cause of your weight problem). And the best part is that you are leaner. Most of our success stories mention they are in the best shape they have had in years. Let yourself be inspired here.

3. Your muscles are not challenged: We know that in order to burn fat, it is critical that you activate the metabolic trigger, which is muscle. It could be a mountain hike, a bike, or – if you can't get outside – a few simple hand weights at home.

Whatever it is, try to get 30 minutes every day.

Climbing stairs, gardening, and household chores count. If you do this for 2 weeks, you will notice a difference – not just in your shape and muscle tone, but also on the scales, since muscles burn more calories than fat, even while you sleep! In fact, every pound of muscle burns three times as many calories as fat. Read our 5 tips here to keep up with your new habit.

4. You don't really keep track of things: Keeping a daily journal is a surefire way to determine if you are actually compliant with your weight loss program. Studies show that most of us underestimate our food consumption. The reasons people don't keep a journal is because it's too much of a hassle, but it really only takes a few minutes a day (and it's definitely worth it if your clothes fit better!). Others fear that they will be judged for deviations from their plan, but we are not judgmental when it comes to motivation. We know that nobody is perfect and that slip-ups are inevitable; It's all about getting back on track.

Research supports the food diary theory: those who keep track of their food lose, on average, twice as much weight as those who don't. Read our 10 tips for keeping a food diary here.

5. You are still eating too many carbohydrates / too little protein: Toast for breakfast (because you can't think of anything else); a baguette for lunch (you left your salad at home) and french fries or pasta for dinner (because you were starving). No wonder you don't lose weight! It is imperative that you reduce these carbohydrates in order to really gain control over your blood sugar (and therefore your appetite).

The best two ways to do this?

First, get organized (this means that you always prepare and pack your protein and salad for lunch) and second, always have a protein snack in the morning and afternoon, e.g. B. some grapes or olives with cheese or a protein bar.

6. You are just not disciplined enough: Sometimes we're fine for a few days, but then everything falls by the wayside until the end of the week. The problem here is a lack of motivation. You are Gung-Ho on Monday and you forgot your WHY by Friday.

The answer?

Be motivated.

Try on your swimsuit, write down your goals, and measure your progress. Set it as a challenge. Practice saying no to sugar and alcohol as the norm, with approvals only allowed to vary here and there. If necessary, get up early to prepare your food and exercise (easier now on brighter mornings).

The other key is to set small, achievable goals that will build your confidence and motivate you to move on. Read more about goals here in our blog post "Enjoy Greater Weight Loss With The Right Kind of Goals".

Other factors that may apply

For reasons of space we have not given all the reasons here. Other important factors that explain slow or non-existent weight loss include lack of sleep, excessive stress, and alcohol consumption.

There are also some medical conditions that can lead to weight gain and make losing weight much more difficult. These include hypothyroidism, polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS), and sleep apnea. Some medications can also make weight loss more of a challenge.

If you think any of these apply to you, please discuss the options available with your GP.

At times it can seem overwhelming when you see a list of recommendations and wonder where to start. 6 reasons you shouldn't try all of them why you shouldn't lose weight 6. Reread the list and write down one or two that you can gently work into your daily routine. Then over time, check the list and incorporate the others one by one.


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