A Teenager’s 6 Stone Weight Loss Journey

A Teenager's 6 Stone Weight Loss Journey

This is the remarkable story of Eoghan Brennan who lost 6 stones with Motivation Weight Management. Eoghan, who recently turned 16, was a little over 19 stones / 120 kg on the scales in 2021. During his weight loss program at our sword clinic, Eoghan lost an amazing 6 stones / 38 kg.

Eoghan shares his story on the podcast below and is aptly titled "A Teenager's 6 Stone Weight Loss Journey".

There are two audiences this podcast is aimed at.

First and foremost, there are other teenagers struggling with their weight. For you, this is an important point of reference as there is hope and there is a way out of your current situation. One thing to note – where you are now is only temporary. Fix that in your head. It's only temporary and we can help you lose that weight and get to where you want to be. Listen to Eoghan's story and you will find that parts of it should be consistent with your own situation.

Second, the teen's parents, who likely had multiple false starts, tried to lose weight. It's a story that is played over and over so you and your child are not alone with it. It is not easy and there are many pitfalls, but with the right guidance and framework it is manageable and your son / daughter can lose that excess weight in a controlled and safe environment. You too should listen to Eoghan's story and hear what the story sounds like from a teenager's perspective. As adults, we've forgotten what those teenage years were like, so it's important to listen to Eoghan. After a little over 10 minutes, his "A Teenager's 6 Stone Weight Loss Journey" podcast is short, but well worth listening to.

In addition to the podcast, you can check out our short e-book "Teenage Weight Gain: What Can You Do?" Download.

The day we recorded Eoghan's podcast, his mother, Roisin, was there. Aisling Connolly, our clinic director and chief podcaster-in-arms, asked if Roisin, when she was at the clinic, would like to share how she viewed Eoghan's 6-stone weight loss from the mother's side. Roisin agreed and what followed was another great podcast. One parent's perspective is also an important consideration for any other parent in a similar situation, and we are very grateful to Rosin for putting on the microphone and telling her story.


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