Add These Grains In Your Weight-reduction plan And Loss Weight Shortly, Stomach Fats Cut back Flour Rotis


Weight Loss Roti: In order to lose weight, many people completely remove rotis (Indian flatbread) from their diet. They think that wheat flour leads to weight gain. However, if you want to reduce obesity, you do not have to give up roti, but change the flour. Yes, you should use other grains instead of wheat for weight loss. You can use millet, multigrain, bran or raga flour to make roti.

1- Bajra Roti- You can include Bajra Roti in your diet to help you lose weight. It contains 97 calories and will keep you full for a long time. Eating Bajra Roti helps with weight control. Bajra Roti is high in fiber and vitamins. Consumption improves cholesterol levels. Bad cholesterol is lowered and good cholesterol is increased.

2- Chana flour and multigrain roti- Those who pay attention to nutrition and nutrition nowadays prefer to eat roti made from multigrain flour instead of wheat. Many types of grain can be found in it. Chickpea flour is also added to multigrain flour. which helps in weight loss. When you eat gram flour mixed with your daily wheat flour or multigrain flour, it also controls blood sugar and increases nutritional value.

3- bran bread- Wheat flour contains a lot of bran. This bran is made from the top golden wheat husk. This is why some people finely grind the flour and use it after sifting it. When sieving, the husk or bran is separated from the flour. But to lose weight you should eat bran flour roti. Eating roti made from bran flour has many health benefits. Wheat bran is a good source of fiber that is helpful in preventing constipation. This flour contains potassium, phosphorus, calcium, selenium, magnesium, vitamin E and B complex. Aside from reducing weight, consuming roti made from bran flour helps treat heart disease, cholesterol, and sugar.

4- barley gram flour bread – To lose weight and keep your body fit, eat rotis made from barley gram flour instead of wheat. For this type of flour, prepare and grind a ratio of 10 kg grams and 2 kg barley. Eating rotis made from this flour will help you lose weight quickly and fewer calories will be stored in the body.

Disclaimer: ABP News does not endorse the methods and claims made in this article. Take these as suggestions only. Before undertaking any such treatment / medication / diet, consult a doctor.

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