An Unhealthy Wholesome Eire – A Nation In Disaster And Its Unwavering Love Affair With Sugar

An Unhealthy Healthy Ireland

The Irish government does not appear to be able to cope with the current obesity and overweight challenges.

There is a government-led initiative "broadcasting" on our TV screens, on the radio, in the cinema, on buses and in all print media and that initiative is Healthy Ireland. While there are elements of the initiative worth mentioning, in general it seems just one more exercise the government can use to justify fulfilling its mandate to the Irish people in the next elections.

In our reportUnhealthy Healthy Ireland "We highlight the critical information on the basis of effective weight loss that is rooted in science and missing from the Healthy Ireland initiative.

This information includes, but is not limited to: the importance of protein in a balanced and healthy diet, the ways in which carbohydrates should be consumed in moderation, the importance of body composition as the best predictor of health and, most importantly, advice and guidelines on how it should be used Psychology of why we overeat.

Aisling Connolly, Clinical Director, Motivation Weight Management, said, “We have learned a lot about health over the past five decades and we have undoubtedly made great strides in the prevention, detection and treatment of serious life-threatening diseases.

“We are also aware of where we went wrong in the past, although unfortunately these seem to hit our minds when it is too late. Just look at how aggressively tobacco companies used to advertise and the ocean of change and knowledge about smoking that now has warnings on cigarette packets. It took decades, but eventually, smoking rates dropped significantly. Yet many thousands of smoke-related illnesses and deaths occur each year.

“The time lag in learning scientists is evident in the warnings about climate change that came two decades ago and have been largely ignored. We fear something similar will happen in the area of ​​weight loss and health. With so many interests invested in specific industries like the food industry, change sometimes seems very slow.

“When it comes to motivation, we often feel frustrated and disappointed with health initiatives – often with the best of intentions – that seem to ignore the latest developments and science, or miss important opportunities to educate the public about change.

“The much-cited sugar tax on sweet beverages does nothing to combat the high levels of sugars found in the thousands of processed foods on our supermarket shelves. As a nation, we pretend that the sugar tax is the answer.

"My only hope is that"Unhealthy Healthy Ireland " will create a dialogue between key policy makers in all government departments and over time will recognize and recognize what science teaches us about how to lose weight and how to maintain that weight loss. "

Download a copy here.


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