Change into Extra Acutely aware And Take Again Your Energy

Become More Conscious And Take Back Your Power

Before the arrival of Covid-19, most people would have been unfamiliar with the term comorbidity.

What is comorbidity?

Comorbidity is when two or more disorders or diseases occur in the same person.

Why is it important?

Clinical research shows that patients with COVID-19 and any comorbidities had poorer clinical outcomes than those without.

In recent years there has been a lot of saber rattling in government circles about poor nutrition / sugar content in food / advertising for "fatty" food etc. etc. etc.

The real problems remain and one of them is the amount of highly processed and packaged food available in our supermarkets.

Today I'm referring to a blog post my colleague Maebh Coyle wrote last September. A few sentences stand out and are a strong reminder of the dangerous situation in society as a whole:

“How can we ever expect to fight the obesity epidemic when our environment is so overwhelmingly 'obesogenic'? In other words, it's an environment that almost promotes fat and where it's much easier to be overweight than it is to be slim. "

If you are overweight or have a BMI that puts you in a risk category, you need to find out about your particular weaknesses.

Part of the answer is to become more aware and regain your strength.

👇 A good place to start is reading the blog. It's 3 minutes to read and it's worth it. 👇

Become more conscious and take back your strength


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