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Connecting the dots

Welcome to Connect the dots, a three-part podcast series to help parents and their teenage / teenage children understand and address some of the most pressing issues they face today in their home and society. Ultimately, this is a podcast series that looks at overeating, but what we find in Motivation is that the root cause (s) of overeating is generally not a physical problem, but a manifestation of an emotional problem that has gone undetected is.

A refrain (a repeated line or phrase) is that “you’re not alone. “What you feel is not unique to you, either as a parent or as a teenager. What we do know is that we can help you overcome feelings of despair and fear in order to get to a much happier and more content place.

If you are one Teenager / teenager, welcome to this series of podcasts. I can assure you that the time you spend listening to this series is time well spent. There is only one thing I can ask of you, please give these 3 podcasts the time to understand the core concepts. Trust me, you will find much comfort in this.

Did you know that your physical and emotional skills are still developing and that this development can continue until you are 25 years old? Chances are you haven’t gone through this in detail, but every day we learn something new about our brain and its capabilities, so in some ways we’re all on an ever-increasing learning curve.

By sticking with this podcast series you will learn some amazing things and I can assure you that you will be able to better understand why you turn to food for your comfort. Only when you understand that WHYthat you can make the changes that will change your life.

You’re not alone.

To the parents, a warm welcome to you too! You have read the intro for the teenagers and it is now your turn.

Parenthood is certainly rewarding, but also challenging. Since no two people are the same, this also applies to parent-youth relationships. As parents, we are well versed in the physical act of caring; it comes naturally, and our fatherly instincts are as strong as in the natural world.

But it’s safe to say that we weren’t really trained or prepared for the emotional turmoil of adolescence. Which parents do you have? Just because you have multiple teens won’t do you any good past experience if you fail to understand this pattern of emotional growth, and how certain triggers can lead an adolescent to seek solace over food (or alcohol or drugs).


So for teenagers, these podcasts give you two insights: one from your side and one from the parents’ side.

The same goes for parents; You get both sides of the coin.

As a parent, I can honestly say this podcast series is incredibly powerful. Both during and after admission, I had reason to check myself out and think carefully about where I was on the front line of parents. I was challenged through this series to take stock of my own circumstances and see where I can make adjustments and changes to improve my own relationships.

I also learned. Learning is a lifelong habit that needs to be practiced on a regular basis. I wrote about mimetic desire recently, and it has had a significant impact on how we all, but especially teenagers, make choices, both good and bad.

My co-host on this series is Stuart Wilson. Stuart is a behavioral psychotherapist specializing in youth and youth and family therapy. He is the founder of Zestlife Therapeutic Services, which has two therapy centers in Dublin serving families within the Irish community in Dublin and across the country.

The three podcasts end in just under 60 minutes and I have to honestly say, the best 60 minutes that you will give up this summer or anytime.

Podcast 1 – Why Teens Eat Too Much – Body Image / Self-Esteem and the Influence of Social Media

Podcast 2- Published June 25, 2021

Podcast 3 – Posted June 30, 2021

You’re not alone.


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