Cut back The Bread And Lose The Weight

Reduce The Bread And Lose The Weight

This podcast is about bread and for many of you reading this you will easily see how important bread was in losing weight.

There is a wide variety of breads to choose from and it is not surprising that there is so much confusion that:

– What is the right bread to eat?

– What is the healthiest bread to eat?

– What is the highest amount of fats, sugars, etc.?

It's a minefield and we need to be extra vigilant as we look closely at the labels and ingredients.

Maebh examines how bread was and is a trigger for her (see her blog on bread as a trigger). She watches as the people around her might have a disk or two, but she wouldn't. She would keep eating and then feel incredibly bloated and not feel well afterward. And this bread-related experience would repeat itself again and again.

Today, Maebh's weight is much easier to manage, not least due to the fact that bread plays a much smaller role in their lives.

Maebh explains the science that explains part of our love affair with bread. Bread activates the appetite and appetite pathways of the brain – this is in clear contracts with protein-based foods.

Bread makes it feel good so you want more to get the same effect / hit. Insulin rises and then your blood sugar levels crash.

Everyone is different and for some their trigger is sugar, for many others, including Maebh, it is bread.

One important piece of advice from Maebh is to say no to the bread basket. If you rationalize it – eating bread before you eat is just a (bad) habit. Why should you fill up and leave no room for the main course?

Continue this discussion about bread by listening to the podcast below.


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