Cyber Threats & Destructive Ideas That Fly By Your Head

Cyber Threats & Negative Thoughts That Fly Through Your Head

This week's edition of Motivate Me is all about cyber threats and negative thoughts on your mind.

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The link leads to a cyber threat map. Just before I hit the submit button for this week's Motivate Me, 395,000 attacks were counted today (May 14, 2021).

What it shows is that the attacks are relentless and it shows the importance of having an adequate defense.

When I looked at the map, I just thought of all the thoughts that go through my head every day. By and large, my feet are firmly planted on the ground and I handle negative thoughts very well. However, there have been cases when my mental ability to deal with these negative thoughts has been tested.

The thoughts can be triggered at any time and suddenly appear out of the blue, just like on the cyber threat map. Negative thoughts are rooted in past failures.

Negative thoughts lead to negative behaviors.

Here at Motivation, we work with our clients to help them see the positives, even if the natural tendency (steeped in past mistakes) is to see the negatives.

Seeing, recognizing and celebrating success is the key.

Always was and always will be.

The core of our process of celebrating success is switching from red to blue, from negative to positive behavior. This is the core of our Mental Weight concept and we work with clients to change both the physical and, where appropriate, the psychological triggers for bad eating or lifestyle habits.

If this is your first time reading Motivate Me, please read our mini mental weight rating to get you started. It's a taste of the more detailed mental weight questionnaire we fill out with our clients, and it will help you uncover some of the habits, behaviors, and thought patterns that are sabotaging your weight loss efforts.

I work on my defense every day. I use the same tools and techniques that our clients use across the clinic network. Read How More Me Time below – you need this space to work on your own defense.


I wish you a nice weekend until next Friday and keep it up. Click here to see last week's Motivate Me – Catching The Road Runner.


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