Dietitian Suggestions For Dropping Weight With out Counting Energy



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For those of us who want to lose weight without counting calories or feeling restricted in food intake, nutritionist Kylie Sakaida, MS, RD, LDN has put together a TikTok video with three helpful tips. Each of these tips are more focused on what types of foods we should include in our daily meals, including a diet tip.

Sakaida started her list with one of my personal favorite nutrition tips: eat protein. This is one of my favorite tips because protein shakes are always breakfast or lunch for me when I’m short on time but need to feel full. As Sakaida says, protein takes longer to digest than carbohydrates, so you’ll stay full longer.

Her second tip is, “stop rushing through your meals.” Sakaida reminds us that it can take our brain up to 20 minutes to realize that our stomachs are full. So it is best to take your time eating if we want to lose weight.

Sakaida’s last tip in this video is to count the colors on our plates instead of the calories. Please do not pour a plate full of cones and call it a colorful plate. Sakaida mentions foods like orange carrots and red tomatoes as colors to look out for when arranging our next meals.

As Sakaida mentioned in TikTok above, these tips are meant to help viewers look at weight loss from a nutritional perspective rather than a calorie counting perspective. Check out her video above and try out her tips when trying to lose weight.

Image source: POPSUGAR Photography / Matthew Kelly


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