Do Not Be Tempted by Fad Diets In The Run Up To Christmas

Do not be Tempted by Fad Diets in the Run up to Christmas

I can feel that Christmas is coming fast this year. And as a counselor, I often find that this is one of the times when many people panic about their weight and are seriously considering a quick fix or a fashion diet. Instead, we ask that you stay calm and avoid the temptation of a quick fashion diet.

As they say, "If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is"! Instead, follow a sensible, well-researched, and proven weight loss program like the one you can find here at Motivation. These programs work and we have the success stories and evidence to prove it.

Diets or quick fixes just don't work in the long run. Her focus is on how to fit into a dress next week, but unfortunately, that weight is often regained (and even more so). Research supports this finding continuously. Read here on my blog how to avoid the quick fix mentality.

I learned this the hard way myself – after years of trying to make quick emergency and fashion diets before Christmas, I finally found that slow and steady changes in my habits work. Nowadays, I know that a number of healthy choices lead to a healthier, leaner body. Of course, I sometimes go off the track, but then I pull back and get back to basics. This is the only "secret" to losing weight that I know for sure.

How is it going ?
It is important to take stock of where you are now with your weight and health. Do you feel good Do you sleep well? What is your stress level?

Make sure you do something active every day, whether it's a brisk walk, a session at the gym, or even a fitness DVD at home – it doesn't matter what it is and you don't have to worry over the length make time – as long as your heart beats faster, you are on the right track!

Tips for the next few weeks
For the next several weeks, be disciplined – with your food and exercise (and don't use the weather as an excuse! Check out my 6 reasons to introduce HIIT sessions here – which are perfect for indoor athletes.

Another tip is to ban junk food in the house – this includes cookies, candy, chips, and frozen ready meals. Instead, have people come over for dinner and serve the best fillet steaks with tons of green veggies – delicious! Or try some nice fresh tuna steaks or lemon sole served with green lentils or a side salad. Remember, food doesn't have to be complicated to be healthy or tasty. Have you tried our Deliciously Healthy recipe book? Try a new recipe every week if you can.

Drinking doesn't help you lose!
In addition to sabotaging your weight loss efforts, research shows that alcohol can increase the risk of some cancers. Try to swallow these sobering facts: Those who drink two drinks a day are up to 30 percent more likely to develop breast cancer than non-drinkers. Shocked? We went (and notice it's only two drinks, not much!). They will likely list the potential heart health benefits that you have heard of. However, did you know that the mentioned benefits of two drinks a day actually apply to men over 40 and postmenopausal women? So, for the rest of us, it's time to stop using those red wine studies as an excuse to indulge in too much!

Use visualistion for success
Stay motivated by imagining yourself looking your best and feeling great on Christmas Day. Be specific when doing this: what exactly are you wearing? Where are they? And who are you with

Use all five senses – smell, see, touch, taste and hear. Imagine feeling fitter, lighter and healthier. What kind of a feeling is this? Is it more confidence, happiness, or a sense of wellbeing that you didn't have before? Many of us who work at Motivation agree that nothing really beats that feeling. In fact, it makes holidays and events like Christmas about a million times more enjoyable.

Goodbye diets, hello Christmas!


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