Each Kardashian Explains Precisely How They Misplaced Weight Over the Years


The Kardashians really are the epitome of the household name. The makeup, aesthetics, clothing, and physique of the family have spawned fan accounts, clothing lines, workout apps, blogs, and multi-billion dollar beauty empires.

Of course, the reality stars are privileged in terms of their access to money, fitness trainers, private chefs, etc. But they have also spoken out to their fans over the years about their various healthy eating habits and how to stay fit. and even how they lost weight – and kept it off.

Read on to learn some of the most important Kardashian weight loss philosophies. But since nutrition and health are not always “one size fits all”, make sure to include each of these tips in your nutrition dictionary right away.

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All Kardashian women swear by shiploads of water to drink, and for good reason. Staying hydrated has a ton of benefits, some of which aid digestion, weight loss, and help you feel full throughout the day.

In a recent Instagram story, Khloe Kardashian posted about what she’s adding to her water to make it more enjoyable to drink: “… fresh ginger, fresh mint leaves, cucumber, lemon and oranges … I wanted to stop there, but I got it done add a few grapefruit slices. So have fun hydrating! “

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The Kardashians love to drink tea – either hot or chilled – as several interviews show. One scientific study after another has shown that tea is generally healthy and can aid weight loss as well.

Kourtney Kardashian even gets poetic about the drink in this poosh post, stating that “green tea is the grassy and fresh ritual elixir of the times”. She also shares her favorite apple tea recipe here.

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Kourtney Kardashian drinks smoothiefupp / Bauer-Griffin / Contributor / Getty Images

The reality stars seem keen to start their day with a healthy breakfast – especially when it can be a rich, nutritious smoothie.

Kourtney’s website Poosh shares her favorite recipe: an avocado smoothie that swaps honey for dates – to allow for the sweetness – that also adds a boost of fiber.

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This goes without saying, but exercise is an important part of the Kardashians’ health and wellness program. They all have trainers and often train up to five days a week – sometimes even twice a day!

Khloe recently told People that exercise is “a stress reliever” that gives her the “little oomph” she needs to get through the day. “I don’t care about the scales. I feel energetic and ready to chase after my daughter.”

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Kardashians swear by eating both protein and fiber with meals, which are healthy staple foods that will fill you up, keep you full and help build strong muscles. Kim Kardashian shared in a 202o tweet that some of her favorites are, “Oatmeal and vegan sausages for breakfast, vegan tacos are my favorite for lunch! Salads are good too!”

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Over the years, Kim has tried diet after diet – from Atkins to keto to plant-based – and has come back to let her followers know how each one worked for her. Of course, some worked better for her than others, as does anyone who tries a new diet. This is why it’s important to listen to your body and how it reacts to the foods you eat.

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The Kardashians know what food they love, but are ready to find healthier options. For example, in a 2018 tweet, Kourtney endorsed swapping soda for kombucha – a great idea!

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In her book Strong Looks Better Naked, Khloe states, “You don’t allow yourself to enjoy the food you love and it will only make you crave more. Make smart lifestyle changes, one small step at a time. “

Meaning: If she wants the pizza, she’ll eat it! This is part of a healthy and balanced diet.

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As everyone knows, you can eat well and stay active, but being really stressed can put a strain on your weight. With their busy schedules, Kardashians know the importance of taking care of themselves psychologically, mentally, emotionally, and physically.

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Research shows that getting adequate sleep is an essential part of a healthy life and is critical to weight loss. As this study notes, when you eat more foods can cause you to not get enough quality Zs. (Here is some helpful advice to improve your sleeping habits.)

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