eight Wholesome Immediate Pot Dessert Recipes


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If you have a Instant pot, then you know it’s a great kitchen tool that allows you to prepare healthy meals in much less time than other devices. But in addition to preparing a full-blown breakfast, lunch or dinner, the Instant Pot can also help you prepare delicious desserts.

From cakes to pudding to sprinkles, there are so many desserts that can be prepared in a few minutes in the Instant Pot. To get you started, we’ve compiled eight of our most popular instant pot healthy dessert recipes that will satisfy your sweet tooth without throwing your healthy eating plans off-track.

Because of the constant heat and steamy cooking environment used in this cooking method, the Instant Pot is considered an excellent way to make cheesecake.

This delicious cheesecake dessert combines the flavors of a classic cheesecake with lime cake – but in a healthy way that you can feel good about. With low-fat cream cheese, two eggs, and fat-free ricotta cheese for its creamy base, this delicious cheesecake has just 157 calories per slice. It also contains some stevia, two limes, and some vanilla extract for just the right amount of sweet and tangy flavor. Click here for the full recipe! >

Instant Pot Apple Pie

Since the Instant Pot “cooks” with steam, cakes can become more humid than those baked in the oven. In this special cake recipe, diced apples form a delicious basis, which becomes even more attractive with spices such as cinnamon, ginger and nutmeg – as well as a little apple sauce, stevia and the juice and the peel of an orange.

You can control part of the “tang” through the type of apple you choose, with Granny Smith being the tastiest option! While one slice of this cake can taste incredibly indulgent, it’s only 128 calories per serving. Click here for the full recipe! >

Instant Pot Rice Pudding Recipe

The simple sweetness of rice pudding has made it a popular dessert for hundreds of years! With this recipe we found a way to make it a little easier. While traditional rice pudding uses white rice, we’ve made our brown rice version even healthier – and added raw cranberries for some antioxidant power. Between the whole grains and the fruit, it’s a filling and nutritious dessert. A serving of pudding is only 152 calories; Enjoy this sweet instant pot dessert recipe. Click here for the full recipe! >

Instant Pot Flourless Chocolate Cake

Removing the refined flour from the cake is one way to make it healthier while satisfying your cravings. This particular recipe replaces traditional flour with arrowroot powder, a natural powdered root starch that has a tremendous number of nutritional benefits. Since it’s cooked in the Instant Pot and has so much moisture, this cake doesn’t even need to be frozen! We recommend serving it with fresh fruit. One slice is only 81 calories but will satisfy your chocolate cravings. Click here for the full recipe! >

Instant Pot Mixed Berry Crumble

One of the best things about Instant Pot dessert recipes is that you can make a treat in minutes. This Mixed Berry Crumble can be made in just 10 minutes using healthy ingredients like frozen mixed berries, oatmeal, and honey. We recommend coating the warm, gooey-goo goodness of this delicious sprinkle with a dollop of Greek vanilla yogurt for a flavor combination that will amaze you. This instant pot dessert recipe will fill you up with filling protein while satisfying your sweet tooth at the same time. Click here for the full recipe! >

Instant Pot Gingerbread Cheesecake

This cheesecake starts with a simple graham cracker crust made from crispy graham crackers, light butter, and ground ginger, all pressed in a springform pan. The filling consists of healthy ingredients such as low-fat cream cheese, fat-free natural Greek yogurt and of course more ginger! The result is a creamy, decadent-tasting cheesecake with just 93 calories per slice. This Instant Pot dessert is a great choice for the holidays because you can enjoy a delicious treat without sinking into your diet. Click here for the full recipe! >

Instant Pot Chocolate Peppermint Rice Pudding

As mentioned earlier, rice pudding is a classic favorite. But this recipe takes the traditional pudding and gets to the heart of it with the sweet flavors of chocolate and peppermint. And because he uses brown rice (instead of white), he has healthy whole grains as a filling base. It tastes like a decadent and indulgent treat, but only has 204 calories per bowl. Click here for the full recipe! >

Instant Pot Maple Walnut Cheesecake

One of the great things about cheesecake is how many wonderful flavor combinations there are to try! This one has the flavors of maple syrup and walnuts that go perfectly together. While the crust consists of walnuts, Medjool dates, sea salt and coconut oil, the filling comes from healthy products such as Neufchatel cheese, Greek natural yogurt and maple syrup. The best thing about this instant pot dessert? A creamy and delicious slice has only 232 calories. Click here for the full recipe! >

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