Fall Swaps for a More healthy Season


‘Tis the season for specialties and drinks! With so many tempting pumpkin and apple goodies to hit the market, it’s hard not to distract yourself from your healthy eating habits. Unfortunately, there is more to these types of foods than just taste – they are also high in fat and calories. We’ve rounded up eight common culprits along with some tips for making healthier choices so you don’t feel like you’re missing out on your favorite fall dish.

Here are eight easy swaps for a healthier fall:

1. Pumpkin flavored latte

While it may be the signature drink of the season, many of the pumpkin spice drinks on the market are high in fat and calories. For example, a 12-ounce (tall) Starbucks Pumpkin Spice Latte with whipped cream has 310 calories and 12 grams of fat.

Don’t miss the full coffee shop experience. Instead, simply order smart with these Five easy ways to lighten your latte. Better yet, save your money and whip up this healthy fall recipe instead; Enjoy our Skinny Pumpkin Spice Latte comfortably at home! Or get your pumpkin fix with this delicious one Pumpkin pie smoothie.

2. Hard apple cider

Pumpkin beer is the adult drink of choice for the fall season. But lately there has been a growing interest in the various cider wines out there. Even if a serving of alcohol doesn’t ruin your diet from time to time, it is still best to make smart choices. The biggest difference between beer and cider is the sugar content. Since apple cider is made sweet by slow fermentation of apples, the sugar content usually increases. And in the vast majority of cases it will be higher than beer.

At Nutrisystem, we recommend limiting alcohol consumption when losing weight. So consider these as healthy Mocktail recipes that are aromatic and alcohol-free. When it comes to indulgence, opt for a light beer or a glass of dry wine and then switch to selters. Check Out These 10 Low Calorie Beers That Taste Really Good! >

3. Pumpkin pie

If you’re a pumpkin lover, pumpkin pie is probably your ideal dessert. But with over 300 calories for the average slice (with full-fat ingredients), it won’t do your waistline any good. Fortunately, there are plenty of easy and healthy fall recipes for healthier versions. You can also use something completely different to set your pumpkin in place, like a pumpkin muffin or a slice of bread – as long as they’re made with healthy ingredients like whole wheat flour and skimmed milk. Better yet, get your pumpkin pie with our guilt-free one Recipe for Crustless Pumpkin Pie or so delicious Pumpkin and spice mug cake. Both are easy to prepare and even easier to eat!

4. Apple fritters

Because they’re deep-fried, apple fritters are one of the worst possible donut options on the market. A single apple fritters from Dunkin Donuts has 510 calories and 28 grams of fat. Even so, they keep popping up in local pumpkin fields and outdoor fall festivals all over the place. Don’t be fooled by their fruity name or the fact that they aren’t frosted. The icing that apple fritters are dipped into is mostly high fructose corn syrup.

Make your own apple fritters at home that will fit into your Nutrisystem plan! Our Air Fryer Apple Fritter Recipe only contains 128 calories per serving. Get the recipe here! >

Do you fancy more healthy and tasty apple delicacies? Check out these 14 apple recipes filled with fall flavor! You will love our simple and Healthy apple pie (without added sugar!) and Air fryer apple chips. Or get your apple with this delicious one Slow cooker applesauce with no added sugar.

5. Halloween candy

Bagged candy started showing up in grocery stores in August and it now appears to be everywhere. If you’re shopping for candy for trick or treating in your neighborhood, resist the temptation to buy them early as you may end up snacking on them yourself. If you really need your candy fix, avoid caramel or nougat chocolates, which tend to have an excess of fat. Try to satisfy your sweet tooth with a piece of fresh fruit. You must have candy go for the tough varieties, which provide around 24 calories. You avoid a big sugar rush! You can also whip up healthy Halloween candy. Try these delicious ones Peanut butter cup with 3 ingredients or this 4-ingredient chocolate raspberry mug.

5 healthy Halloween swaps for every type of candy craving

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6. Caramel apples

While they have long been a fall favorite, caramel apples are full of sugar and saturated fat. You may also have got wind of big news that unrefrigerated caramel apples – like those often sold at festivals or when hand-dipped and served as Halloween treats – can pose a deadly listeria risk. If caramel apples are your favorite fall food, consider making them fresh at home and keeping them in the refrigerator. Try our recipe for Chocolate caramel apples! You can also come up with another healthier idea like caramel yogurt dip for dipping fresh apple slices. Or please your sweet tooth with one of these 17 healthy, no-guilt dessert recipes under 200 calories.

7. Hot chocolate

While hot chocolate is the epitome of the cold-weather drink, it can be a sneaky fat trap. The problem with getting hot chocolate from your favorite cafe is that it comes with syrup and whipped cream. While the cocoa powder mixes you make at home with water typically have 100 calories or less (the NESTLE Hot Cocoa Mix Rich Chocolate with Marshmallows is 80 calories per packet), if you factor in milk, syrup, and whipped cream, the number of calories can be seriously rise. A 12-ounce (large) Starbucks hot chocolate (made with two percent milk and whipped cream) has 280 calories and 12 grams of fat. Stick with water and cocoa powder for a low-calorie, fat-free option. We have also loosened up recipes, such as Peppermint white hot chocolate (188 calories), Almond Joy hot chocolate (83 calories) and Hot chocolate with salted caramel (136 calories). Or warm up while you lose weight with one of these 6 hot drinks for cool weather.

8. Comfort foods

From chicken pot pie to hearty stews and chilli, it’s worth noting that a common fall fat trap is switching from fresh summer salads to heavier, more filling dishes. While the original full-fat versions of these foods are high in calories and fat, there are many ways you can make them healthier. Consider a vegetarian chili or replace your ground beef with lean turkey like we did in this hearty and delicious one Turkey Chilli Recipe. Or try some of our favorites cold weather soups. When you are on the Nutrisystem program, you can just do it Spicy pumpkin soup with one of our popular Nutrition of the nutritional system. With a few simple changes, you can enjoy your favorite autumn dishes and healthy autumn dishes for dinner or during a football game – but avoid unnecessary fat and calories.

Do you want to lose weight this fall? Check out these easy ways to lose weight this fall and learn more about the Nutrisystem plan! >

* Nutritional information from company websites or the USDA food search database on 9/14/2021.


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