Find out how to break the yo-yo weight loss plan cycle and obtain everlasting weight reduction with ONE key change to your wholesome consuming plan

permanent weight loss

Some people organize their closet by color. Others organize their clothes around the season.

For many people trying to lose weight, size has always been about.

You've spent days, months, and even years eating right, exercising, and losing weight. And in return, you've spent countless amounts of money buying smaller clothes. It is a reward for all of the weight you have lost and the tremendous effort you have put into.

But you never parted with your "when I'm heavy" clothes. When your weight has dropped, move the larger, baggier sizes to the back of your closet or store them in the attic.

And every now and then they come back out … Because despite your determination to have all of that healthy diet and trips to the gym, it's too difficult to stick to good eating habits in the long run.

Losing weight, enjoying all the compliments, wearing smaller clothes, and then piling it all up again – it's a viscous and seemingly inevitable cycle. A roller coaster you've never gotten off of.

Meanwhile, I felt depressed from the inability to keep up what had taken so many hours in the gym to achieve.

The stumbling block to achieving permanent weight loss

What is the key to permanent weight loss? Why is it so difficult?

After all, you know what a healthy diet consists of. It's not that knowledge is an issue.

It is not determination either. You've shown so many times that you can spend the hours on the treadmill or bike.

What is the stumbling block?

Before we get there, stop blaming yourself. It is important to recognize that most diets do not give permanent results.

And that's because diet and exercise are the technical requirements for losing weight. But there's a third element that most dieters – and dieters – never acknowledge, which is key to the whole.

You need to uncover and deal with the underlying reasons behind your overeating.

What does that mean?

The voices in your head

Every person struggling with weight has their own inner voice, their inner critic, who explains why you overeat. And it is these voices that keep you from the diet and exercise path.

These rationalizations are the psychological, emotional, and behavioral factors that are behind your obesity.

You can rely on food to help fight loneliness. Eating can be your comfort and companion, especially after a breakup or loss. You may be overeating due to depression, trauma, or self-punishment.

Perhaps you are secretly afraid that if you lose weight, a relationship that is important to you will change.

Perhaps you just hate being told by a spouse or parent that you need to lose weight and are determined to prove your independence. Or is the pressure to lose weight very high and you would rather not bother with it?

The reasons you overeat and ultimately never lose weight can vary. And you may not even be aware that they exist, especially if you have thought carefully about diet combined with exercise in the past.

But they all have a common fate: all of these will hamper your path to permanent weight loss.

If you keep eating at this rate, what does the future hold?

We call the combination of these factors going on in your head and motivating you to eat your "mental weight".

Indeed, your mental weight is the weight you are sure to achieve if you maintain your current eating habits and behaviors.

For example, let's say you weigh 13 stones (82 kilos) on the scales, but when you measure your existing behavior and attitudes towards food, your Mental Weight Score is 18. That means you almost certainly have 16 stones (101 Kilo) if you do not understand your personal pyscho-behavioral factors and deal with them correctly

The good news?

Once you've addressed your mental weight, your physical weight will be balanced. The only way to permanently change your physical weight is to change your mental weight.

Mental weight may seem immaterial, but we have a proven scientific way of measuring it. By measuring your mental weight, you can evaluate and change the habits, attitudes, and behaviors that are responsible for your weight gain. Our goal is to identify and reduce your mental weight so that it corresponds to your ideal weight. And get you to achieve and maintain both.

And what happens when these two weights coexist in harmony? You will finally find out what you've been missing out on: confidence and self-esteem, more energy, a feeling of being in control of your life, and ultimately a healthier, happier you.

And maybe you can finally throw out the "When I'm heavy clothes" 🙂

What is your mental weight

Now you understand why diet and exercise are not enough to bring your weight down once and for all. It is time to deal with your mental weight.

Are you ready to find out yours?

Contact us to book a review. It only takes a few minutes.

The results will reveal the real, underlying reasons you missed permanent weight loss. And once you have these in hand, we can help you manage them and recommend a personalized weight loss plan that will allow you to lose weight quickly but safely without feeling hungry or deprived.


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