For Need Of A Nail The Shoe Was Misplaced……

For Want Of A Nail The Shoe Was Lost

“The shoe was lost due to a lack of nail; the horse was lost for want of a shoe; and for lack of a horse the race was lost. "

I'm following last week's Motivate Me about patience and my parting words so you can repeat, "I am patient with my body as it learns new habits."

The point of the opening quote is that there are no short cuts to long-lasting weight loss.

If I ask for your patience, everyone will be different. No two weight loss trips are the same and that's one of the main reasons we partner with our clients to create bespoke weight management plans.

Your journey is Your Travel.

My colleagues and I, together with the tools at your disposal, will help you to find and resolve the psychological blocks that are causing your problem (s). Address the cause and resolve the problem (s). This is the key to permanent weight management.

That is one of the reasons I write blog posts and record videos warning of diet programs with quick fixes. One of the most important research that Dr. Larocque (the creator of the motivational approach to weight loss) has ever done was the effectiveness of various weight loss programs. His research showed, without a doubt, that nearly 95% of participants in quick fix programs regained their weight within a year.

In the absence of a nail …….

From the very beginning of your motivational program, you begin to change your habits and attitudes. We also look at behaviors that have proven to be challenging and problematic for you in and around food.

I have the privilege of witnessing and participating in these positive changes every week. As I acknowledge and celebrate weight loss, I pay special attention to the underlying habits, behaviors, and attitudes that change from red to blue in mental weight reports. This is where you do your greatest work with motivation.

As a person, you emerge mentally strengthened. Better prepared to live life confidently on your terms.

As a person, you also emerge more easily. The result of changing your habits, behaviors and attitudes.

So, steadily as it goes. Stay focused. Use the tools available to you. Whatever your concern, contact your advisor immediately. You are on a remarkable journey and you should be so proud of yourself.


Have a nice weekend until next Friday and keep it up.


Motivate me from last week – I am patient with my body as it learns new habits


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