Four Efficient Methods To Really feel And Look Higher On Your Holidays

4 Effective Ways To Feel And Look Better On Your Holidays

We all do it every year; Panic four weeks before a vacation. We don't feel slim enough. We didn't lose as much weight as we'd hoped. and our recent swimwear and shorts shopping expedition nearly ended in tears.

But don't panic anymore: four weeks is really enough time to make a significant difference.

And you can start right here – check out our 4 effective ways to feel and look better on your vacation.

1. Assess your attitude: Let's look at your attitude first. If you are a perfectionist, you are probably already incredibly tough on yourself. Release the pressure. And throw away the magazines. Remember that these pictures are airbrushed and in reality most women have cellulite and most men do not have six pack abs. Get real with it. Make the most of what you have. Buy flattering clothing. If shorts just don't suit you (not a winning look on me), drop them for a sleek dress that brings out the best in other parts of the body, such as a slim fit dress. B. a great cleavage or a narrow waist. Focus on the positive changes you are making and leave perfection entirely behind you. You are as beautiful as today.

2. Invest in some pampering: Yes, it all costs money, but with a little pre-vacation maintenance, you'll feel great. A pedicure, bikini wax, or buying a scrub and getting that fake tan on early will give you a jump in your step. Brushing dry skin is also a good thing to start a few weeks before your vacation. I swear it works by minimizing cellulite, and when combined with some good mountain hiking or exercise, it will go a long way in making you feel good on vacation. Remember, it's not just about how you look, but rather how you feel about yourself. So don't always focus on looks. Eat healthy and lead a healthy lifestyle and you will shine!

3. Avoid panic diets: It's so tempting, but please don't crash diet – it doesn't work! In fact, research shows that people gain more fat after a crash diet. Keep following your healthy eating plan, but be sure to streamline things. You may want to increase your protein a little while eliminating all of the white, processed carbohydrates (white bread, white pasta, white rice, and of course sugar – which destroy your appetite). It's time for high-quality protein salads instead (think halloumi / smoked salmon / chicken salads with added greens like tender broccoli that is cooked and then blanched in cold water). Make sure you have two healthy snacks each day, eat fatty fish at least every week, and watch the portion sizes (shrinking to a smaller plate is a treat). You could comfortably lose 4 to 5 pounds in four weeks which, while it doesn't sound like much, makes a world of difference.

4. Let exercise count: If you move your body for the next four weeks, you're guaranteed to see a difference. Do the aerobic exercise daily if you can – walking / biking / jogging / swimming. Start with 10 minutes of floor exercises a day. It takes up very little time in your day, but makes a surprising difference in how toned you are.

– My favorites are Pushups with the knee bent (They target six different muscles at once; biceps, triceps, deltoids, pecs, abs, and even glutes). Get on all fours on a mat. With your hands about shoulder width apart, your back flat and your head pointed forward, slowly lower your body toward the floor while keeping a rigid torso and head aligned with your spine. During this downward phase, don't allow your lower back to sag or hips to move up. Keep lowering yourself until your chest or chin touches the mat or floor. Your elbows should stay close to the sides of your body. Bring yourself back up slowly. Repeat x 1 set 10 times, then try to build up to 2-3 sets over time.

– A second step is Squats;; An easy way to do this is to crouch in an invisible chair against a wall. Keep your feet hip-width apart, knees above your ankles, and squeeze your abs to avoid arching your back. As you get stronger, you can hold dumbbells to increase the intensity. Aim for 3 sets of 8-12 repetitions.

– Third, if you have dumbbells or kettlebells at home, use these for Deadlift. These are incredibly effective in toning the entire body, especially the back, buttocks, and legs. Stand with legs slightly wider than shoulder width. Keep the weights close to your body as you lift them off the floor. Make sure that you lift your shoulders and hips together and avoid arching your back. Technique is important so you may want to get some pointers from a trainer or this video to make sure you aren't putting your back at risk. The goal is to do a set of 8-12 reps and build 2-3 sets over time.

– Last, the Pilates 100s Movement is an excellent move for toning your middle and getting your waist back. Check out this video to learn the basics. The movement involves lying on the floor and gently lifting your legs and arms. Beginners should keep their knees bent and arms parallel to the floor. When you are more advanced, try straightening your legs. Holding this pose will tighten the muscles in your back and abdomen at the same time. If you – like me – have a seedy back, just keep your knees bent or even flat.

Look better on your vacation

Enjoy all the preparations for your vacation – and remember, you deserve the chance to feel really good on this vacation! It's never too late – even 10 days of good habits will help you feel and look better on your vacation (although 4-6 weeks is optimal). Invest some time now and you'll feel great – I would say you will enjoy your vacation even more. And try to keep good habits on your vacation – do not strive for perfection, just maintaining the same weight as when you were leaving is a great accomplishment in itself. Read Michael's blog about it here.

However, if you are one of those people determined to lose weight while on vacation, check out our blog on the subject. It is entirely possible and relatively painless. As with anything, it's about the choices you make, and if they're 80 percent healthy, you might even lose a few pounds (especially if you're more active than usual).

One of the most effective ways to do this is to say no to the bread basket most of the time and only stick to 1-2 drinks a day while staying generally active at the same time. Of course, you can still enjoy a treat like ice cream or a couple of glasses of wine. The key is to balance it all out with lots of healthy salads, tons of water, and some good eating choices.

Let's face it, healthier habits not only make us look better on our vacation, but make us feel better too – and it's definitely worth it!


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