four Methods How Consuming Pears Can Assist in Shedding These Additional Kilos


Weight Loss Tips: Pears are known as the powerhouse of all essential nutrients. It is also called Nashpati in Hindi. It contains elements and nutrients like potassium, pectin, and tannins. This aid dissolves uric acid and heals rheumatic diseases. It’s high in fiber and helps treat constipation through regular bowel movements.Also Read – Real Life Weight Loss: I Lose 50 Pounds With Surya Namaskar, Home Cooked Food, and Early Dinner

Pears also help keep blood sugar levels intact. It ensures that the state of the heart remains strong and healthy. The low calorie content in pears helps make it an ideal and essential choice for weight loss. Also Read – Real Life Weight Loss: I lost 22 kg in 8 months with a mixed diet and early dinner

Here are the benefits of pears for weight loss

According to The Food and Nutrition Board for the National Institute of Medicine (2001), a medium-sized pear provides six grams of fiber, about 24% of the daily requirement of a woman under 50. It is full of fiber which will keep the stomach from getting fuller when digestion slows down. Also Read – Real Life Weight Loss: I Lost 50 Pounds By Taking 10,000 Steps Every Day, Yoga, and Intermittent Fasting

Calories are the main source for weight loss. The journey to weight loss will be incomplete without the mention of calorie reduction. This fruit has 56 calories per 100 grams and is a perfect reliable companion for weight loss.

Pears make up 84% of the water. This makes the water content in pears high but low in calories. The perfect combination will help you lose weight.

Pears aid digestion and fight constipation. Due to the high water and fiber content, the digestive process for losing weight is easy. A healthy bowel and a good digestive system are always together for healthy weight loss.


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