Four Methods To Get Your Mojo Again

4 Ways To Get Your Mojo Back

Your goal is to lose weight and feel fitter, more energetic, and more youthful. What's stopping you? Perhaps, as we often hear in our clinics, is it the fact that you seem to be responding to an endless loop of tasks and responsibilities? Demands from other people – people you love and want to help – but who you leave with little or nothing for yourself.

Time to daydream

Let me ask … what would you do if you had a full day or even half a day to yourself? You do not know? Can you hardly think of a thing? Don't worry, this is often the case, especially if you are a caregiver, e.g. B. a parent or someone who looks after older parents.

When we live in a culture where we are expected to be always active, we seem to have lost the art of relaxing, having fun, and just being. This is sometimes evident on weekends or holidays when we realize how difficult it is for us to switch off. As a result, some of us may suffer from a loss of confidence, energy, or enthusiasm. In fact, you lost your mojo.

Sound familiar? Then check out our 4 tips to get your mojo back and finally get your head above the water.

1) Start by spending time with yourself (even counting 10 minutes)

Go to a park or the seaside (or any other body of water) and sit down – even if it only takes 10 minutes. Look around and see what is going on in the world. Then get in touch – how do you feel now compared to before? Sometimes we need to “relearn” how to rest. We have become so “automatic” and “on the go” that we have to reconnect with the childish habit of only being in the moment. To find real calm, we need to remove distractions. That means anything that prevents you from spending time with yourself – your boss, your phone, your partner, or your kids.

Just spend ten minutes watching nature or just sit quietly in your living room. It's about giving yourself permission to forget everything and everyone and spending time with yourself. Find out here how "Me Time" can actually help you lose weight.

2) Take a step back from goals (just for a few days)

We all have goals and dreams and are committed to motivation every day. But sometimes we also find that people become too determined, which can lead to burnout. If you are being ridden in an unhealthy way, it means you are feeling trapped. You can't see any alternatives. If it feels too difficult, there may be another route that you haven't considered yet.

Also, a useful exercise is to free the result from your dreams and goals. In other words, stop focusing only on the bottom line and instead try to enjoy the journey and the process. Having a goal, dream, or pursuit is great but not when it is a burden on you. Instead, try telling yourself, "If I can't do this, I'm still fine." Ironically, what you want can often come closer with less effort. You are good enough as you are – today.

3) Now is the time to set boundaries

For many of us – especially women, but also some men – other people's worries and stresses somehow become our worries and stresses, a tendency now known as "emotional work". But nothing is more exhausting than trying to make everyone around us happy while we take care of all of their needs. I know this firsthand because I was someone who had few limits. I struggled to say the word "no", often just agreeing or doing things I didn't want while chasing after my young family only to end up exhausted. We need to remember that at the end of the day we are all responsible for our own happiness. It is of course wonderful to care for others, but we cannot control their moods, happiness, or enjoyment. It's up to them. We have to take responsibility for ourselves and sometimes that means setting a limit.

Read more about limits here.

4) Think about what you enjoy

"Joy" you say – what is it? You experienced joy as a child. Joy is what we feel when we enjoy ourselves so much that we are "lost" in the moment. Just look at little kids playing and there is pure joy. Someone who spontaneously dances, runs, or bounces – they're a happy person (even someone in their seventies or eighties can be like that). Reconnect with that part of you. It can be as simple as reading a good book or movie, taking a stroll in your favorite spot, a family outing, or a hobby that requires meticulous skill or focus. Just rediscover it. When we are without joy, we have no energy for anything, let alone our weight loss goals or our healthy eating program. Joy helps us to feel our own strength and abilities. It even draws on our own creativity, which means that we can come up with our own solutions to some of the "blocks" we may face. Start taking back Joby by answering these simple questions.

  • List 5 hobbies or classes that are fun
  • List 4 skills that would be fun
  • List 5 things that you used to enjoy doing
  • List 5 stupid things you want to try

I want you to keep this list close by, such as next to your bed or in the top drawer at work, and read it regularly for the next few days. Is there just one thing you could try this month? Or even two? They don't have to be big, big gestures. These can be simple things like singing karaoke with your teen, trying a new dance class, or taking a golf lesson. The trick is to rediscover joy in its many forms. I think you will agree … you deserve it.

(The questions above are from Julia Cameron from The Artist & # 39; s Way, a course on discovering and restoring your creative self.)

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