GBBO’s Paul Hollywood’s secrets and techniques to dropping a stone REVEALED: see photograph of Paul now


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Bridie Wilkins

Great British bake off judge Paul Hollywood He recently revealed that he had lost a little more than a stone in weight, but how did he do it?

He opened up about the weight gain during lockdown for the first time (who didn’t?), But he “just shed on a rock” so he told that mirrors, thanks to some specific lifestyle changes. He has since admitted having gained 12 pounds while filming Bake Off. In an interview with Sunday People’s Love Sunday Magazine, he said, “I gained 12 pounds in that damn tent.

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“All I wanted to do was go home and try to lose the weight again! I screwed for the first time this year because I was really good. Lockdown was good for me, not bad. But mine Exercise program changed when I was on bake off because I couldn’t get out of the bladder to ride a bike. I’ve settled back into old habits so I kind of expected it. Now I’m back – I’m having one this week lost a few pounds. ”

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These are Paul’s top weight loss tips.

Paul Hollywood trains regularly

“I exercise a little, go a little and run and do handicrafts,” he told the mirror. In his interview with Love Sunday Magazine, he also added that he had “cycled 10 miles at a time”.

Paul Hollywood adjusted his diet

In his interview with the Mirror, Paul said, “Every morning I have a few eggs from the farm down the street and I make my own toast.

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“So there are Chucky Eggs and soldiers and then maybe a slice of bread with tomato soup in the evening.”

Paul also revealed that he ate “1,100 calories a day,” but it’s important to remember that what works for Paul may not work for you. Height, gender, activity level, and genetic makeup all play a role in how easy or difficult it is for you to lose weight ineffectively).

Even if Paul only talked about two main meals, it is unlikely that these will be all he will eat, nor would it be healthy for him or you to do so.

Paul Hollywood stays hydrated

“I also drink about two liters of water a day,” he added.

Paul Hollywood has sobered up

In March 2021, he said, “I haven’t had alcohol in about four months.”

Paul’s Great British Bake Off co-star Prue Leith has also spoken out in favor of “wanting to lose a stone”.

She said, “In fact, I don’t know a woman who doesn’t want to lose a stone, but I never make it.”

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