Hardest Meals to Give Up for Weight Loss


Diets are usually just about giving things up: it can be whole nutrient groups like carbohydrates or whole food groups like bread. Or a diet might ask you to give up all of your favorite foods – pizza, pasta, cookies, or cake – for the duration of your weight loss plan.

It’s hard to give up your favorites, and science suggests that at the brain chemistry level, your diet might be more difficult to manage: In one study, scientists hypothesized that dieting made people more prone to the stressors of everyday life makes conversations, from work traffic to harsh emotions. When they studied stress in mice, it was shown that if the mice were unable to cope with these emotions with foods that were comfortable, they were more likely to consume calming foods after their diet ended, increasing the likelihood of gain weight again. 1

The good news: Nutrisystem makes you fit for success because you don’t have to go without your favorite dishes. Nutrisystem’s experienced nutritionists believe that the best way to deal with cravings is to actually eat the food you crave – but in the right portion. That’s one big reason people with Nutrisystem achieve their goals when nothing else has worked: Nutrisystem meals are perfectly portioned for weight loss and made from high quality ingredients that you will love. Our menu is filled with your favorite foods to keep you satisfied. Do you want cake You have it. Love cookies No problem.

When we surveyed more than 2,000 people to ask them which foods were the hardest to give up, these nine foods were high on the list – and you don’t have to give up a single one to lose weight with Nutrisystem! Check out the options to keep your favorites in your life while you lose with these nine foods to keep when you start with one Nutrition plan from Nutrisystem.

1. Chocolate

46% of the respondents in our survey said that it would be difficult to go without chocolate. Not only can you continue to eat chocolate on Nutrisystem – you can have it for breakfast too! The Double chocolate muffin is one of the most popular menu items and tastes delicious when warmed up. A few seconds in the microwave will turn this chocolatey treat into a sticky breakfast you’ll love.

The chocolate extravaganza doesn’t stop there, however. There are snacks like that Chocolate flavored pretzels and Cream filled chocolate cupcake. There are more breakfast options like that Chocolate and hazelnut flavored granola. We also have loads of So-Good-You-Don’t-Believe-Good-for-You bars like these Chocolate Peanut Butter Bars.

2. Pizza

Nutrisystem Margherita Pizza

For more than 42% of our survey participants, not eating pizza was a big “no”. Fortunately for them, Nutrisystem is known for saying yes to pizza! And it’s not just our already fantastic regular pizza options, like the classic 230-calorie pizza Pizza Margherita or the meaty one Italian sausage and turkey pepperoni pizza pie. There are tons of other pizza-inspired dishes on our menu too, from take-away lunches like this Pepperoni Pizza Melt to the finger-licking, garlic-like goodness of the Garlic cheese flatbread.

For even more pizza options, check out the Flex Meal on the Leaf! We have healthy recipes approved by Nutrisystem like Deep dish pizza cup, Simple pepperoni pizza pinwheels, Pizzas made from eggplant slices and even Pizza stuffed chicken.

3. Cookies

Nutrisystem chocolate chip cookies on a napkin

We’re right there with the 42% of respondents who didn’t want to go without cookies while on a diet. Crunch on a few bites of chocolate chip cookies (like these, for just 140 calories) can make every day more enjoyable. And we have more cookies than you can shake with a glass of milk – from Shortbread canapes to Toffee crunch circles to Chocolate chips with the added flavor of walnuts.

We even have big, chewy cookies like the one you get at your favorite sandwich shop: there is one 140 calorie peanut butter biscuit option, a monster Snickerdoodle cookie and the savory Lemon cool biscuitjust to name a few.

4. Cheese

Nutrisystem white cheddar mac and cheese in a bowl

For nearly 39% of respondents, cheesy foods are one of the hardest foods to avoid for weight loss. Which is understandable with all the delicious cheese dishes that are out there. We’ve covered many cheesy pizza options before, but there’s more gooey goodness out there on Nutrisystem for you cheese lovers.

Start with that White Cheddar Mac and Cheesewhich has more than 890 five-star ratings. This generous cup is ready in a few minutes and gives you the cheese fix you need in the office or on the go. Even rice is cheesy on Nutrisystem – that one Cheddar broccoli rice is a favorite, with some members adding some chopped fresh broccoli as it cooks to get their daily servings of non-starchy vegetables.

For a cheesy lunch, try this Broccoli and Cheese Melt. Would you like to say “cheese” at dinner? Eat a bowl Chicken noodles parmesan. The snack time is also kitschy: More than 2,000 Nutrisystem members rave about our ready-to-eat White cheddar popcorn with a five star rating.

5. Cake

Nutrisystem lemon peel cake

Alternative text: Carrot cake muffin with cream filling on a plate

We let them eat cake at Nutrisystem! And losing weight is not only possible, but also easier: Because the delicious cake variants from Nutrisystem are perfectly portioned so that you can eat your cake in the right amount. That’s good news for nearly 38% of respondents who say cake is one of the toughest foods to say goodbye to while dieting.

You will be amazed at the taste filled by fiber and quench your cravings with options like the indulgent Red velvet cupcake, the sticky icing on the cake Lemon peel cake and a Square birthday cake this is also available if it is not your birthday.

You can even have cake for breakfast and be full until lunch! Well, these are pancakes: but ours High protein pancake mix has the bonus of protein, a nutrient that not only builds and maintains muscle, but stays in the digestive system longer than carbohydrates, leaving you feeling full longer. At least until snack time, when it’s time for …

6. Chips

Nutrisystem Smoky BBQ Chips

Can’t stand the thought of giving up your crunchy snack for binge-watching Netflix shows? Nor can almost 32% of respondents who say chips are one of the foods hard to give up to lose weight.

Do not worry! Nutrisystem Chips – round chips in flavors like Smoky BBQ and Sweet Jalapeno – leave even skeptical chip lovers ready to grab another bag. Yes, they’re made from filling, high-protein ingredients like quinoa and flaxseed, but don’t let the multigrain content fool you. “Oh my god, they’re delicious,” enthuses one member of the 140-calorie bag of crispy chips. Another member said they had a “crispy texture with a lot of flavor”.

You can also find flex snack options for chips on The Leaf, Nutrisystem’s weight loss blog: Yes, there are healthy (but still delicious!) Options like this one Rosemary Kale Chips, but members with air fryers can do too BBQ sweet potato chips or Air fryer salt and vinegar chips … and still lose weight!

7. Ice cream

Nutrisystem vanilla ice cream sandwiches

For the 28% of respondents who said they would scream without ice cream – grab it Vanilla ice cream sandwich, and see why nearly 9,000 Nutrisystem members gave its soft chocolate chip cookie and creamy filling an enthusiastic five-star rating.

More of a sundae type? How about pieces of brownie and fudge in chocolate ice cream? Yes, you can eat this and lose weight – it’s Nutrisystem’s Chocolate brownie sundaewhich has over 4,000 five-star reviews from our members. There is more: ours Orange cream bar that “doesn’t even taste like diet food” has only 90 calories and is our all-time favorite Chocolate Fudge Bar has only 80 tiny calories. The bonus? They fit into your weight loss plan, but all you will taste is deliciousness.

8. Noodles

Nutrisystem three cheese chicken pasta

Over 26% of our survey respondents said it was difficult for them to go without pasta in order to lose pounds. However, the pasta capabilities on Nutrisystem are endless! Our pasta dishes have helped many people stick to their weight loss plan and quench their cravings for Italian food with classic home cooking creations like this. to breastfeed Lasagna with meat sauce.

Our other pasta options are also packed with muscle-building, stomach-filling proteins so that the smart portions stay full: The Rotini with meatballs has 15 grams of bulking protein. Our delicious Three cheese chicken is also a good source of protein at 10 grams per serving.

9. Spicy foods

Nutrisystem spicy kung pao noodles

Your love of spices can help you live longer: A 2015 study found that people who ate spicy foods six or seven days a week had a 14 percent lower risk of early death a little heat can help you lose weight in two ways: An analysis of 90 different studies showed that spicy foods can help increase the number of calories burned while controlling your appetite

So of course you don’t have to do without seasoning with Nutrisystem! If, like 16% of respondents, you don’t want to go without spicy foods, you can be sure that we have options for you. There are tons of savory flavors in options like that Spicy kung pao noodles, mouth watering Southwest Fiesta Melt and the classic Chicken Fajita Bowl.

Or visit The Leaf for recipes that will add some warmth to your daily servings of starch-free vegetables: Spicy Sriracha Slaw is sure to become a regular accompaniment and makes it easier to drink your 64 ounces of water every day!



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