How Efficient is Consumption of Almonds for Shedding Weight?


Weight Loss Tips: Almonds are now even beneficial for weight loss. You can now include almonds in your weight loss diet. This nut is fortified with magnesium, copper, vitamin E, fiber and protein. Almonds help build lean muscle mass and also help in reducing abdominal weight and body mass index.Also Read – Real Life Weight Loss Journey: I am a lawyer, a diabetic who lost 50 pounds by NOT starving myself

Almonds are an important fat burning power. Eating almonds every day can easily have beneficial effects on your weight loss and increased metabolism. Almonds are high in monounsaturated fats, omega-3 fatty acids, fiber, and protein. Also Read – Drinks For Weight Loss: 8 Simple Drinks That Will Help You Shed Kilos Instantly

What Are The Benefits Of Eating Almonds?

  • Helps control hunger

While you are on your weight loss plan there will be times when you feel hungry and want to look for a simple snack. Consuming almonds helps in keeping the stomach full longer. To satisfy hunger and keep fit at the same time, almonds are useful as they are high in protein, fiber and healthy fats. Snacking on almonds will make your stomach too full and you won’t feel like eating junk food at odd hours. Contrary to the common misconception that one must starve to achieve weight loss, you can eat almonds during your short snack time and the weight loss journey will be both successful and healthy. Also Read – What Is A Calorie Deficit Diet For Weight Loss And How Does It Work? A nutritionist explains

  • Provides sufficient calories

Almond provides energy and enough calories to keep you going all day. They will keep you energized without making you fat or dizzy. If you eat almonds frequently or if you are hungry, you are gaining fewer calories for the rest of the day than your content already from the almonds. With fewer calories and a healthy diet, you can easily move forward on your weight loss journey.

Almonds help build lean muscle mass as they are loaded with protein. In addition to this, almonds also help reduce and maintain overall body mass index and lose belly fat. To reduce belly fat, you can always consume almonds as they are the best source.

What are the options for eating almonds?

You can take almonds with you in a ziplock bag and when you get hungry just grab a few and eat them. Eat them raw and with their skin on as this will make them healthier. Roasted or salted almonds don’t have many antioxidants to help you lose weight from the inside out.

However, it is advisable to consume only a few and a handful throughout the day. Excessive consumption of almonds can lead to digestive problems.


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