How I Misplaced 18 Kilos – One Teenager’s Weight Loss Story

How I Lost 18 Kilos – One Teenager’s Weight Loss Story

No demographic in Ireland or anywhere else is immune to being overweight. Teenagers are no exception. In this teenager's weight loss story, we hear from Jack who, when he was 19, decided to do something about his knowledge that he was uncomfortable with the excess weight he was carrying.

Jack's story isn't unique. There are many thousands of teenagers who face the daily ritual of looking for clothing that camouflages their excess weight. They endure the daily agony of feeling uncomfortable and dreading social events. This calamity is multiplied by the proliferation of social media and the unwarranted attention they can draw to their plight – without wanting to be included in group photos.

Jack's story is worth hearing. His narrative about how he needed a couple of times goes to picking up the phone and his first appointment with Motivation, his journey of consciousness when he lost the pounds and today as a young man who is very happy and in himself proud of him is achievement.

It's important to focus on a few aspects of the motivational program that Jack found critical to his success:

1. The one-on-one discussions for weight loss. Jack was comfortable in the privacy of the one-on-one sessions, and as many teenagers and adults alike will understand, weight loss is a personal and private journey, so the intimacy of the private sessions is critical to its success.

2. Jack felt that every week he was becoming more accountable about what he was supposed to be eating and what eating habits and behaviors he had. As the weight began to drop, he actually looked forward to his weekly weight management appointment to "celebrate" another weight loss.

3. Understanding that weight loss is more than weight itself. Jack understood how other factors come into play – his body fat percentage, BMI, and the importance of keeping your visceral fat percentage as low as possible.

With our help, Jack's story can be the story of an overweight teenager. Motivation Weight Management provides the tools and support to help teenagers overcome their weight management challenges. As Jack's story shows, we help teenagers (and adults) lose weight.


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