How Kids Can Get pleasure from A More healthy Halloween

Healthy Halloween

This podcast offers some great tips and tricks to help you and your kids get through Halloween as healthily as possible.

When it comes to trick or treating, there is only so much we can do to trick the kids. We need to think clearly and wisely about the best ways to shop so they don't feel disappointed or left out of the celebrations. The key to doing this is first and foremost to focus on the things the kids like – popcorn, small bottles of water, just sticking tattoos, etc, and for the older kids, sugar-free gum is a great alternative.

By the way, no one says it's easy to work with your kids to cut the sugar volume on Halloween. We're heavily sponsored with bigger packages of special value so both parents and children expect bigger is better.

The simple answer, when candy is on the list, is the best quality. You buy less, but you also spend less as a result. Funnily enough, the parents will again be grateful that you only gave their children a few (high quality) sweets.

This approach takes the emphasis off the crowd.

Another approach worth considering is not to let sweets into the bedroom. It's like screens. You cannot monitor what you cannot see.

In this next section, you will learn about your age. However, consider putting the emphasis on candy and focusing it on some "old-fashioned" games:

– Carve pumpkin

– Scary stories

– Pass the apple

– Look for apples

– Pin the donkey

– Bairín Breac

Another alternative is to get the kids to piles their favorites and non-favorites and only let them keep the favorites.

If we can help the kids accept non-verbal rewards / treats on Halloween, this will be an important lesson available to them into adulthood.

Check out this week's podcast to find out more.


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