How One Shopper Modified Her Life With A Easy Phrase Play

How One Client Changed Her Life With a Simple Word Play

Welcome to Motivate Me this week, and how a simple word game helped change a customer’s life.

First of all, today is a big day across the country for many thousands of girls and boys as the final results for 2021 are released today. I wish the very best to each of you and if I can give you any advice it would be this:

Please remember that the results do not define him / her and that there is always a way.


Millstone against milestone

A typical weight loss journey will involve challenges and difficult encounters. For some, a small discomfort is nothing more than that, but for others it can trigger a state of high anxiety. The fact is, no two weight loss journeys are alike. There are many similarities, however, and our tools and supporting materials make use of these similarities so that we can share this knowledge and expertise with clients in our clinic network.

I worked on launching the Positive Affirmations Project and was absolutely amazed at the overwhelmingly positive feedback. While checking in with some customers again, I happened upon a really interesting observation.

One client used framing to overcome her challenges; for every challenge she mastered or for every day she completed in her food diary, she considered them to be milestones. At the beginning of her journey she had faced some problems and she was depressed in herself and could only think of the program and what she was trying to do as a millstone.

As an avid crossword fanatic and she’s not sure why, but the thought occurred to her to switch from millstone to milestone by changing just one letter to recreate her point of view. She immediately said that she felt relieved and from then on decided to overcome every problem, every challenge as done, to regard every negative thought as a milestone on her way.

It’s such a simple and clever word game, but the result is so, so powerful. Nothing prevents you from using it!

I have no doubt that many of you reading this have faced these challenging moments or problems. Do you remember last week My male customer and how I asked him to use the ABCD framework. He’s flying with you.

What about you? How are you feeling this week Remember, being kind and compassionate to yourself is really important: self-care.

Are you good to yourself Some of us learn, to our disadvantage, that if we give up on self-care, we will become energy bankrupt. If this happens frequently, it is our body’s way of raising the red flag. If our bodies could talk, they would likely say “Take better care of us” on these occasions.

But some believe we can get better at it. There is a growing movement in self-care, which means that some of us are finally learning that there is nothing selfish or luxurious about it. It’s no longer the fluffy concept it was once believed for. It is a proven and highly effective strategy for strong mental health and resilience, perhaps even an important tool for overall preventive health. And better yet, everyone benefits – including our loved ones.

Try this word game over the millstone to milestone weekend.


As always, thank you for giving me your time. Remember, you are not alone! The motivation community will always be there to support you.


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