How To Assist Your Accomplice On Their Weight Loss Journey

How To Support Your Partner On Their Weight Loss Journey

Episode # 19 in the Motivation Assist Podcast series is on This is how you support your partner on his way to losing weight.

One of the biggest challenges in a weight loss program is getting the partner thinking, "Here's back," or "More money down the drain". The reality with the motivational program is that he starts losing weight and take it out, their partner naturally notices and for some they then tell them they are doing the program.

The overwhelming concern comes from previous mistakes – I've failed in the past so I don't want anyone to know about it.

As we always say here in Motivation, these diet programs have failed you, you haven't failed.

We provide the tools to help couples understand what this is about and how to have an ongoing dialogue to communicate their feelings and thoughts throughout the program.

A major challenge for many is that their partner doesn't really understand what this is about and how important their weight loss program is to them.

It is known that partners ask their partner to cheat. A common throwaway item is to “live a little,” and a great response from one of Maebh's customers was, “I live. I'm actually living a lot better than before. "

It's not dissimilar when half a couple give up drinking (for a month or for a longer period of time) and the other partner wants them to drink.

If something is said that harms someone trying to lose weight, the partner needs to realize that by doing so, he is in fact almost pushing them to eat. This is the art of sabotage and can be done consciously or unconsciously

Another important point for a partner of a close relative of the person trying to lose weight is not to ask about the amount of weight lost. This is a negative type of pressure as there may be a case where there has been no measurable weight loss – you may have lost fat but retained excess water.

Overall, relationships flourish due to weight loss and weight loss. The benefits for extended families are enormous – knowing the effects are all positive.

Understanding how you can support your partner on their weight loss journey is an important ingredient for successful weight loss.


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