How To Come Off Sort 2 Diabetes Medicine

How To Come Off Type 2 Diabetes Medication

There is not much published information in Ireland on how weight loss can directly and positively help patients with type 2 diabetes reduce their withdrawal from type 2 diabetes medication. We have done our best and published some useful advice on how to prevent and manage type 2 diabetes over the years. See the Resources section below.

As you probably know, losing weight is good for your overall health and will extend your life expectancy.

One of the great benefits of losing weight is that it allows people with type 2 diabetes to completely cut back or stop taking type 2 diabetes medication.

On today’s podcast, Aisling is accompanied by one such patient, Valerie Shaw, who experienced just that.

With motivation, Valerie lost almost 2 1/2 kilos / 15.87 kilos. Before Valerie got any motivation, she was struggling with cancer, diagnosed with type 2 diabetes, high blood pressure, hip problems and high cholesterol.

What made Valerie touch motivation?

Two things:

  1. Valerie saw herself in a mirror in a cafe, and what she saw worried her. As she herself says: “I looked like an old, overweight person.”
  2. My GP contacted me and said that my blood sugar level was so high that she would add me (classic type 2 diabetes symptoms) to her type 2 diabetes registry.

The combination of seeing her picture in the mirror and realizing that she was a ticking time bomb spurred her on to a decision, and Valerie says:

It’s all very good to know these things in theory, but it really is want do something about it or say scare, listen to yourself to have to something about it.

During her pregnancies, Valerie was advised that she could possibly develop gestational diabetes, but this did not occur. In the course of her life she was always aware of her health and her blood sugar levels were always in the healthy range. There was never a hint or a red flag that a health issue needed to be addressed. Valerie did not notice anything that would indicate symptoms of type 2 diabetes.

A confluence of physical ailments changed all of that and changed Valerie’s life for the worse. Valerie was diagnosed with cancer. She was able to successfully treat the disease, but she had to compromise – the chemotherapy weakened her hips and, as luck would have it, she fell and this resulted in prolonged inactivity. This in turn led to overeating and subsequent weight gain.

As a nurse, Valerie knows all too well the medical complications associated with type diabetes: delayed wound healing, kidney and heart problems, ulcers and, above all, amputations. When Valerie assessed her obese condition and her doctor’s prognosis, she saw two options:

  1. One way is to sit back and say no, eat cream cakes, and take the medication. They don’t prevent the side effects from occurring.
  2. Or I am type 2 diabetic and will do something about it. I have a chance. Type 2 diabetes is reversible in most cases.

From Valerie’s point of view, now that she is type 2 diabetes free and has been off type 2 diabetes medication, she has this piece of advice:

You have to commit to that. You have to be in the right place. Put yourself in the right place and say there will never be an ideal time for anything, so it is time for yourself. Time to say right, this is my time. I want to feel better, look good and be healthy. “

There is an absolutely fantastic cameo from Irish humor in the podcast by Valerie. We won’t spoil it for you here.

We are very proud of Valerie’s achievement and the amazing transformation she has made possible through motivation in her life. We hope that the readers of the blog post and the listeners of the podcast will also find comfort and strength to get rid of type 2 diabetes and lead a happier and healthier life.

Please Note: You should contact your GP if you feel that you have symptoms of type 2 diabetes. It happens regularly that general practitioners refer their type 2 diabetics to us so that we can help with weight loss. As Valerie says, the GP will tell you that you do to have lose weight, but you have to too want to. Here at Motivation, we provide the infrastructure and support to help you reach your weight loss goal.

If you want, we can help you say goodbye to type 2 diabetes.

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