I Need To Obtain My Weight Loss Objectives, Why Do I Sabotage Myself?


Have you ever thought, "I want to achieve my weight loss goals. Why am I sabotaging myself?"

When we want to achieve things in life, we usually set measurement goals. Why Should The Weight Loss Goals Be Different? Setting your weight loss goals will help you measure your progress. Whether you analyze it daily, weekly or monthly is up to you.

Some people assess their clothing to see if the waistband has changed, whether the tops are more comfortable, and others assess their activity level to see if they can climb the stairs or walk longer without losing their breath.

Measuring your chest, waist, and hips regularly is a great way to see how your shape is changing. After all, fat shrinks the body when shed! What an amazing thought. Include this in your daily affirmations;

“When I eat well and do sports, I get smaller. My body is shrinking and I feel great. I love my changing shape. "

Motivation customers regularly wonder why they are sabotaging their weight loss efforts even though they want to be successful. You have set clear and specific goals; They have a plan of action to make their dreams a reality, and then out of the blue their behaviors become self-destructive.

First, these behaviors can be the result of simple human errors, taking your eyes off the ball, not making lists, just forgetting. Or maybe tired, burned out, or putting the needs of others before your own.

But sometimes there doesn't seem to be a logical explanation. Let me explain what's going on.

All of our actions are always determined by our SELF-IMAGE. Our self-image reflects how we think about ourselves, it is an assessment of our strengths and weaknesses, our good and bad points.

If you have had past mistakes regarding weight loss goals, you subconsciously believe that you are not up to them and have no confidence in your ability to be successful. So when you try a new weight loss plan, you will be convinced from the start that you will not succeed and inevitably fail.

It is a doom-loop.

If you are convinced you will fail, YOU WILL, no matter how good your intentions are. This will happen not for lack of trying, but because poor self-image will doom you.

One of the main pillars of our program is the support tools we provide to help you hit inevitable moments of self-doubt on the head before they manifest into a problem.

Self-doubt is a naturally occurring feeling, and some level of self-doubt is generally considered normal.

We work with our clients to help them monitor and manage self-doubt. This will allow you to lose weight safely and just as importantly in order to safely maintain that weight loss.


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