Indian Weight Loss Food regimen Plan for Teenager Boys

Indian Weight loss Diet Plan for Teenage Boys

Indian Weight Loss Diet Plan For Teenage Boys. You may be wondering about the difference between the diets of teenage girls and men. Not only girls, but boys too are body shameful. Moreover, the teenagers feel a lot of pressure on their physique. There are many hormonal changes occurring in teenagers. There is a change in voice structure, beard and mustache growth, and a change in facial features. It takes time to accept the inevitable changes that become more difficult with being overweight. That is why we decided to offer a solution with this Indian weight loss diet plan for teenagers.

Teens have a lot of peer pressure just to be accepted in the social setting they mix with. Peer pressure is the number one reason obese boys fall for the diets popular on the internet to try to lose weight. Without proper guidance, they tend to lose all hope and get stressed. Hence we are here with a perfect Indian weight loss diet plan for teenagers.

Indian Weight Loss Diet Plan For Teenage Boys

The causes of weight gain in teenager Guys:

Teenagers are said to have a second growth spurt in boys. There is a release of hormones responsible for hoarse voice, beard growth, and increased height. It is also responsible for sudden weight gain that leads to obesity in teenagers. Check the table for the ideal height weight.

As we all know, teenagers have a hectic academic schedule. Whatever free time they have, they are occupied by the telephone and other electronic devices. Due to the current pandemic situation, it is becoming more difficult to be physically active. If you've already started going back to school or college, you might be interested to read about the Indian Weight Loss Diet for Students. And an Indian weight loss diet for college students.

Teenagers have new independence and freedom. With the higher pocket money, the interest in junk food and desserts also increases. With more calories ingested and fewer calories burned, the body has a positive energy balance. This positive energy balance leads to weight gain. Learn all about calories.

  • Excess protein powder / muscle building:

Since the teenage hormones are overwhelming, there is a desire for biceps and six pack abs. The fastest method, according to information freely available online, is to consume protein powders. There are a variety of protein powders that are used for different conditions and needs. The blind consumption of protein powder or mass gainers leads to weight gain. Learn more about protein supplements.

In teens there is this great longing to be included in a particularly popular group. Such an attitude could lead the teen to start smoking and drinking just to look cool. Alcohol as empty calories leads to excessive weight gain.

Tips for teenagers to lose weight:

First, the desired weight loss must be achievable. Diets lead to rapid weight loss, but once you stop dieting you tend to gain more weight. It's always better to lose weight slowly. It helps your body adapt to the calorie and weight changes that you are making.

Following a particular diet or eating only 1 or 2 meals or not eating will not produce permanent results. It is accompanied by health disorders related to hunger most of the time. It is always better to eat frequently and to distribute the calories. Eating frequently keeps your metabolism high, which leads to weight loss.

Eat low GI carbohydrates that will keep you full for a long time and will not lead to excessive blood sugar in the body. Less glucose exposure in the body will help you lose weight quickly. Low GI carbohydrates have a high satiety effect, resulting in less overeating in the next meal.

  • Correct amount of protein:

Protein powders can be harmful, but the right proteins can help you lose weight. Proteins from animal sources, daal, legumes, sprouts, soy, nuts and seeds help increase our body's metabolism. The right protein automatically helps teenagers get the biceps they want, six packs along the perfect body.

A balanced diet also includes good quality fat. Adequate fats from the best sources like olive oil, flaxseed, rice bran oil, peanut oil, nuts, and oilseeds are beneficial. A perfect balance of fats preserves the carbohydrates and proteins in order to do their job. These fats help absorb and store certain vitamins and minerals.

Fiber is low in the GI. They keep you full for a long time and prevent binge eating. The filling effect of fiber is high and helps to get rid of hunger pangs or the occasional hunger pangs. Learn more about how to stop food cravings.

Water is of the least importance when weight loss is considered. Sometimes the body craves water, but we mistake it for hunger pangs. If you feel hungry, try drinking a glass of water and wait half an hour. If the Huger persists, you can choose a healthy snack or meal option. Consume at least 2 to 2.5 liters of water daily.

Diet along with some moderately intense exercise will help you lose weight quickly. Exercising 150 minutes a week will help burn fats and lose weight. Walking, cycling, climbing stairs, on-site jogging, or dancing are cardio workouts that will help you lose weight. Cardio along with some strength training gives a very good result for weight loss. Strength training at home twice a week is sufficient for the desired result. Learn more about weight loss exercises.

Indian Weight Loss Diet Plan For Teenage Boys:

Here is an example of the Indian weight loss diet plan for teenagers.

Empty stomach:

1 cup of cinnamon tea (1/4 teaspoon of cinnamon powder in 1 cup of warm water) or 1 glass of warm water with lemon


1 glass of homemade protein shake

(150 ml quark + 1 tablespoon saturation powder + ½ teaspoon flaxseed powder + 3 – 4 almonds + 1 date)


2 egg omelets + 1 cup of green tea


1 cup of vegetables poha / upma

+ 1 cup of milk


1 fruit 100-150 g (no banana) or 1 cup of roasted makhana / roasted canal

Having lunch:

100 g sprout salad +

1 cup of brown rice OR vegetable pulao OR foxtail millet khichadi OR 2 small multigrain roti

1 cup horse gram dal with spinach

a cup of quark or 1 glass of buttermilk or 100 g grilled fish or chicken (not fried)


1 cup of tea / coffee (no sugar) / milk +

1 vegetable roll (multi-grain flour base) OR

4 – 5 1 inch pieces of grilled paneer Tikka OR

1 filled vegetable sandwich (multigrain bread)


1 cup of vegetable soup +

2 medium Bajra / Jowar / Nachni roti or garlic roti

Mix 1 cup of leafy greens OR vegetable sabji

1 cup of quark or 1 glass of buttermilk with soaked chia seeds (½ teaspoon)


1 cup of low-fat milk with turmeric

Final grade:

Mindful eating under the proper guidance of a certified professional will help you achieve your weight loss goal easily. A balanced, healthy meal along with a perfect exercise plan will make your weight loss smooth and cumbersome.


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