Indian Weight reduction Food plan plan for Teenage Women ( Teenager weight reduction )

Indian Weight loss Diet plan for Teenage Girls ( Teenager weight loss )

We were all in the phase where we couldn't wait to grow up. Teenagers are viewed by the children who are younger to them. For younger children, teenagers have the best life. But like adults, teenagers also deal with many physical, mental, and emotional problems. Weight is one such problem that most teenagers have to deal with. And teenagers are the main victims. In this article, we see an Indian Teenage Girls Weight Loss Diet Plan (Teenage Weight Loss).

Young people experience years of growth spurts, hormone shifts and body adaptations. Menstruation is the biggest change teenage girls go through. They find it difficult to accept that menstruation is an inevitable part of life today. In addition, they experience physical changes due to the hormonal changes. Weight fluctuations are a huge blow to teenage self-esteem.

Teens who gain weight are very normal. There are some girls who lose this weight as soon as they grow up. But there are few who gain weight unnecessarily, which is difficult for them to lose. This unwanted weight gain affects the child very much and they will follow all diets for the fastest results. If you need to manage your diet according to your school hours, here is a more suitable school feeding schedule.

Indian Weight Loss Diet Plan For Teenage Girls:

Knowing the reason behind your weight gain will help you understand your body better.

What Causes Teenage Obesity?

Unhealthy snacking between meals, boring meals, consumption of junk and soda all lead to excessive weight gain. Eating high calorie foods when you are feeling low is another factor that increases weight. These food choices are also low in nutrients.

  • Lack of physical activity:

The world has become small as it is now connected via the internet. Spending more time on the phone also leads to weight gain. There is a positive balance between the calories burned and physical activity, which leads to the accumulation of excess calories.

This is an inevitable change in growth in teenage girls. But an inadequate surge of hormones increases appetite, which in turn leads to weight gain. Excessive weight gain and less physical activity make the situation worse. Clock – How to Increase Height.

You can unnecessarily compare yourself to your peers and are under pressure to have the "ideal body". The dissatisfaction with not having the perfect body can lead to depression. This can lead to binge eating. Stress itself also leads to weight gain. Instead, team up with your friend on a weight loss journey. After all, a friend in need is indeed a friend.

Many health problems like hypothyroidism, high cortisol levels, and PCOS lead to obesity. The girls tend to feel tired and tired. Certain drugs for anxiety or for depression also make you gain weight.

Now let's see some useful tips that will make your teen weight loss very easy.

Weight Loss Tips For Teens:

Indian weight loss diet plan for teenage girls (teenage weight loss)

Most teenage girls are well aware of their weight and appearance, and tend to reduce their caloric intake to maintain their weight. You begin to starve yourself to lose weight. Girls forget that in addition to weight maintenance, they are still growing in age. You still need enough calories for proper growth and maintenance. A proper weight loss diet plan for teenage girls should consist of adequate amounts of carbohydrates, proteins, fats, and vitamins and minerals. Consume 2–3 large meals and 2–3 medium meals or healthy snacks.

Include a wide variety of fiber in your diet. Consume whole fruits, vegetables, oats, quinoa, whole grains, legumes, sprouts, and foods fortified with bran. At least 5-6 servings of food and vegetables are a must in a day. These meet the need for fiber, vitamins and minerals.

High protein levels are necessary for the body to grow and maintain. It boosts your metabolism and helps you lose weight. This includes milk and products, egg, poultry, dals, legumes, sprouts, nuts and seeds.

Avoid soda, carbonated drinks, or sugary drinks. Replace these drinks with plain water. Try not to drink anything other than water and unsweetened tea. Getting enough water helps burn off excess fat. It has added value in eliminating your skin problems that come with PCOS. If you feel hungry between meals, try consuming water first. Your body can sometimes get confused between thirst signals and hunger. Drinking ice cold water will help increase your metabolism and thereby reduce your weight.

We all have food cravings. It would be very cruel for the teen to avoid something just to lose weight. It's okay to indulge in high calorie cravings every now and then. The key to healthy eating is "eat everything in moderation".

  • Do not follow a fashion diet:

Much information is available online. The girls may not know that the information available is authentic or just incorrect information. It is always better to eat a balanced diet under the guidance of certified professionals.

Try to take on all outdoor sports like basketball, soccer, hockey or cricket along with academics. Or you can go for a walk, jog or swim. Simple yoga is also beneficial for weight loss. A minimum of 150 minutes per week is required for adequate weight loss.

Sound sleep helps your mind and body relax. The body repairs itself while we sleep. There is a reduction in stress and it burns calories too.

Indian Weight Loss Diet Plan For Teenage Girls

Here is an example 1 day Indian weight loss diet plan for teenage girls.

Empty stomach:

1 glass of jeera or cinnamon water (soaked overnight) / 1 glass of clear water + 6 soaked almonds


1 glass of berry / fruit smoothie (berries / fruit + oats + milk / quark + chia seeds)


1 cup of vegetables Poha / Upma / Daliya + 1 glass of milk


2 boiled eggs


Soaked nuts (4 almonds + 2 walnut halves + 1 dry date + 1 dry fig)


Musk melon / watermelon / apple / guava / pomegranate / orange

Having lunch:

1 bowl of green salad +

2 chapati or 1.5 cup of cooked quinoa / brown rice +

1 cup of vegetables +

1 cup daal / 1 cup quark / 100 g chicken or fish


1 cup of green tea OR 1 glass of milk +

1 cup sprouts OR a bowl of puffed rice with vegetables (bhel without namkeen)


Stir 1 cup of vegetables (carrots, bell peppers, peas, cauliflower, broccoli, and a few paneer cubes) or leafy green vegetables

1 cup of wheat noodles with vegetables / 2 small millet roti / 1 vegetable Paratha +

2 cups of pea tomato soup + 1 cup of mint raita at room temperature


1 glass of milk (no sugar)

Final grade:

All you need is a hug: "It's not about size … it's about being healthy and fit." With a balanced diet, healthy eating habits, and lifestyle changes, you can get rid of the extra fat. Get the help of professionals instead of just relying on information available on the internet. Hope our Indian Teenage Girls Weight Loss Diet Plan (Teenage Weight Loss) will help you achieve your goals. All the best!


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