Is Concern of Success Holding You Again?

Fear of Success

Are you holding back the fear of success (instead of failure)?

Does that sound like you? You know what to do but you don't seem to be doing it. Feel like you could write a book about weight loss but don't seem to be responding to all of this knowledge? Stuck forever and not seeming to move forward?

There is a huge difference between knowing what to do and actually doing it. This is exactly why Dr. Larocque designed the Mental Weight Questionnaire. It's about WHY you overeat or choose unhealthy habits. Once you know the WHY, that's half the battle.

Success in losing weight actually depends on the way we think, not just knowledge. This is why a weight loss plan based entirely on the food you eat only goes so far. A "diet" will not help you with emotional or stress-related eating, compulsive eating, or making constant unhealthy choices that you know will only make your weight problem worse. What will help is an approach like ours to get to the bottom of the problem.

What does fear of success look like?

Surprisingly, it's not necessarily the fear of failure, but rather the fear of success that holds people back the most. This ingrained fear will sabotage even the best of weight loss intentions, no matter how determined you are.

The best way to illustrate the fear of success is with someone who isn't really trying that hard. It can't even be in the weight loss realm: it can be in their career or some other field. Do you remember that kid at school who never really tried even though you knew they were smart? That is fear of success.

Because if you don't really make an effort, it feels safer in some ways. You do not expose yourself to judgment or high standards. If you are consistently under-fulfilled, you can just go under the radar. If you stay small, you don't threaten others. When you're not doing anything, it seems easier sometimes. But is it? Not when it holds you tight and you remain small and powerless and unsuccessful.

What does success mean?

The reality is that if you are successful, any number of new fears could come your way. In a way, holding on to the dream “If I… lose weight” that never seems to come true is like a safety blanket. It protects you from action. For example, when you finally get to grips with your emotional eating, you have no food to temporarily escape. You have to deal with unpleasant feelings such as sadness or anger because you can no longer suppress them with food. This brings with it new challenges, but also brings confidence, a sense of achievement and a better feeling of control over your health and your future.

Time to break through to the other side

Our subconscious sabotages us, but that's because this part of our brain believes that rationalizing out of success will actually protect us. We know this is wrong, although we can still thank our subconscious for trying to protect us.

Try these exercises for a breakthrough in identifying your fear of success and to help you overcome that fear.

  1. What are 5 reasons why your life will get worse once you reach your weight loss (or other) goal. "There can be judgment from others". People will notice that you have lost weight and they may expect you to keep the weight down. Or "I can be pulled in different directions – my" new "life as a leaner, fitter person may require me to spend time with family". Or "I no longer have an excuse for feeling inadequate or a stick to hit myself with, and then what?" What if I have a newfound confidence or get too big for my boots? “Or even,“ What if I think reaching my goal weight makes me happy, but it doesn't? ”We've even had some clients who worry that once they lose weight and regain their confidence, they may be an unhappy one Wanting to leave marriage. This may seem like a step forward (and it is), but the prospect of such a big change can be daunting to some.
  2. Next, next to your reasons, write some challenges. Challenge each of your fears with a counter-argument and a dose of rational thinking. Try to imagine what kind of friend. or your weight loss consultant would say to counter your negative thoughts about success. In response to the question, "What if I think reaching my goal weight makes me happy, but it doesn't?" The counter-argument could be: "We cannot guarantee your happiness – only you can do it." – but your life will certainly not be the same. Certain things become easier and more enjoyable, such as B. Enjoy beautiful clothes and not have to be obsessed with your weight all the time. Achieving a goal or a dream also feels really good. No, it won't change everything, but it will help build your confidence and that is worth a lot.
  3. What are 5 reasons why your life will get better when you reach your goal. Examples are: "It will definitely boost my self-confidence to finally lose weight", "I'll have fun shopping again and I don't mind if my photo is taken so often", "Me". I will have more energy for my children and I will be a role model for them and show them that you can achieve anything if you make up your mind and insist that if I succeed in other areas of my life, I can succeed this & # 39; and & # 39; After all, my brain and emotional energy can be spent on other things instead of being constantly obsessed with losing weight '.
  4. Make a list of the personality traits or skills that you have and the things that you have achieved that you prou ared of. Often times we don't give ourselves the honor we deserve. We "talk each other down". In order to overcome feelings that we don't deserve, it can be very helpful to write down what we have achieved. Things that we have forgotten or completely underestimated (for example, living abroad, attaining a qualification, becoming parents and striving to raise your children with values ​​and morals) or personality traits that you have (such as empathy, kindness, purpose) from Humor, flexibility, enthusiasm, curiosity, or determination) that you are proud of. If you have struggled with this and have asked loved ones to help you, you may be surprised and encouraged to hear what people think of you, and getting the reassurance that you are so urgent can be helpful need.
  5. Write down these mantras and repeat them every morning:
  • "I am worthy of success"
  • "I can be successful and I deserve to be successful"
  • "I am good enough"
  • "I am already a SUCCESS today"
  • "I love myself for who I am today"

You don't have to be afraid of success anymore – it's time to step into the light and accept success!


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