Kind 2 is a preventable illness

type 2 is a preventable disease

The Irish Independent published an article on September 10th on “New Findings from Trinity College Scientists. Again, one of the leading national newspapers has missed the opportunity to educate and educate its readers and the general public about the real problems with type 2 diabetes. Instead, readers are led into a maze that leaves them lost and ill-informed

With scientists around the world looking for a cure for Type 2, not just at Trinity College, you may be better off hitting the editorial desk of the Irish Independent if you follow these guidelines for any future articles on Type 2 Diabetes.

  1. Never refer to type 2 as a common condition. Often times it certainly is (in fact, it's an epidemic), but when you call it that it sounds normal. it is not. Type 2 should always be called “Type 2 diabetes is a avoidable lifestyle Condition that causes the blood sugar glucose level to become too high. In addition, all articles should remind readers that Type 2 is a new name for the earlier adult diabetes, but so many teenagers and children have increasingly grappled with the condition over the past 30 odd years that the name had to be changed to serve as a collective term. The rise in type 2 values ​​runs almost parallel to the widespread introduction of sugar as the main ingredient in food in the second half of the 20th century. Type 2 is a preventable disease.
  2. Never use Diabetes alone in a sentence in an article like this, as it can create confusion between Type 1 and Type 2. They are poles apart. The article reports that "insight can be another important step in the development of new therapies for diabetes." Repeat three times, Type 2 is a preventable disease and should not be confused with Type 1, which is an autoimmune disease. Even the title is misleading: "Protein Insight May Lead to Better Diabetes Control."
  3. The article states, "Approximately 854,165 adults over 40 in the state are at increased risk of developing or already suffering from diabetes." This is factually incorrect. This aspect of the Healthy Ireland survey is specific to Type 2.

Type 2 is a preventable disease

First of all, know what you are dealing with, where it came from and the dangers it poses for you and your family. Second, what steps can you take to avoid contracting type 2, and if so, how can you manage your lifestyle to get back on track? We are rightly proud of our track record here at Motivation in helping clients get off their prescribed medication and reverse Type 2.

  1. Part 1 – What is Type 2 Diabetes?
  2. Part 2 – Coping with Type 2 Diabetes

We face significant financial (and emotional) costs in the future as the real cost of dealing with Type 2 manifests itself in every aspect of our society: as every building and vehicle wheelchair is made accessible, the number of Type amputees also increases 2 Amazing cost HSE has to bear in treating chronically ill type 2 patients and the low tax payer (most of us) who has to bear the financial burden.

The real tragedy is that type 2 is a preventable disease. It is a direct result of lifestyle choices. Leading national publications have a moral duty to avoid complacency when it comes to reporting what many doctors consider an epidemic. The responsibility is to take the reader on an educated and signposted journey and not get caught in a maze of confusion and ignorance. This serves no one, least of all your readers.

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