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Trying To Juggle Jelly

Welcome to Motivate Me this week.

I met with a client last week and he tried to explain his frustration with coping with his daily routine. He was nervous, a little angry (at himself), and wasn’t at all sure how to cope with it (and keep losing weight).

He blurted out, “It’s like juggling jelly” and there was a pregnant hiatus and I just said, “I’ve never tried that before but can only imagine how challenging it is”. And then I asked, “does the color of the jelly make a difference”.

Cue another pregnant break. On the whole, my question was as nonsensical as his statement: its impossible, mine irrelevant. Of course, his statement carries a lot of weight on the street we live on and is a state of mind that affects many people.

I then asked him to look at his topic as part of the ABCDs. The next ten minutes turned out to be the most important time we spent together. Why? My client realized that he had to use the motivational tools (the ABCD framework and the Healthy Mind Healthy Body audio files) to be best prepared for the foreseeable challenges; Challenges that can be nipped in the bud and where the necessary answers are coded in his subconscious.

If you lose weight quickly (like this client) there can be a natural tendency to euphoria when you believe in your own abilities and not in the support tools we offer. The key to permanent weight loss and successful weight maintenance is to adopt and use the tools – the ABCD framework is one such example. My client had a wiggle (sorry for the pun) but is now back on track and prepared to use the ABCDs to formulate more rational, helpful, and compassionate thoughts. He no longer tries to juggle jelly; Instead, he is expanding his competence in dealing with the ABCD framework.

Notice my use of the word “compassionate”. Be kinder to yourself. I’ll come back to this topic in Motivate Me for the next week.

Ask any motivational client who nurses and they will point out the support tools – they are the key to cdepend on those habits and behaviors that are the root of successful weight loss.

As we always say, it’s not what you eat, it’s WHY!


As always, thank you for giving me your time. Remember, you are not alone! The motivation community will always be there to support you.

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