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Men And Emotional Eating

One of the main reasons many men visit our clinics is because their doctor told them to lose weight or because they realized they had a weight-related health problem.

When we bring up the issue of emotional eating – it is generally made clear by the mental weight report – it is a shock. They don't want to think about it until they understand.

To put this into context for men, the way men see their emotions has changed fundamentally, and how accessible they are now to realize that there is a problem, and more importantly, that it is perfectly fine to open up and talk about it.

This willingness to be open leads to an awareness that in turn makes it possible to identify and address the root causes of emotional eating. Niall Breslin aka Bressie is an example – when he told the doctor that if he had allowed it during this time (2006) how would it have been judged? Today we have any number of personalities, organizations, and events advocating, organizing, and marking the importance of men's mental health.

Traditionally, men are told from early childhood not to show emotions and to hold onto them. As a result, in the teenage and early adult years, the response for some men to use food to cover up when they are feeling emotional – it could be stress, relationship turmoil, or any number of situations that trigger this emotional response.

Stress is now recognized as a major factor in triggering emotional eating.

Men lack the ability to actually tell people how they are feeling – it wasn't something that was there in childhood, so it's a problem now. When this challenge / problem is explained to men, and when they have this Eureka moment, a massive transformation usually takes place.

They now know the "why", the triggers for their emotional eating, and most importantly, they understand the changes they need to make.

The resulting benefits affect everyone very quickly as we find that men (and women) who lose weight in our program lead happier and more fulfilling lives.

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