Males’s Weight Loss And Well being With Gary Browne – Motivation Help Podcast

Men’s Weight Loss And Health With Gary Browne – Motivation Assist Podcast

Another man's experience

In this podcast, number 4 in our series on weight loss for men, and this episode, we're talking to Gary Browne, a client at our sword clinic.

Gary chose motivation for two reasons:

1. For his own health

2. The health of one of his daughters.

Gary and his wife researched the ways and means to help her and came across motivation. Gary had worked on a weight loss program a decade earlier. He said he would go to support his daughter.

Both started with Motivation in Swords in January 2018.

As Gary indicated for his own health, this was a major driver in joining Motivation. He was diagnosed with high blood pressure and had been on blood pressure medication for about 2 1/2 years.

At the beginning of the program, Gary's actual weight was 22 stone 1 pound and his mental weight was 20 stone.

Today, May 7, 2019, Gary's actual weight is 15 to 5 pounds and his mental weight is 13 to 8 pounds. Gar & # 39; s greatly improved Mental Weight Score indicates that he is acting and behaving like a much healthier person.

Gary now plays indoor soccer once or twice a week and is also at the gym to keep himself fit. Gary noted that he had run up the three flights of stairs to the motivational clinic on the Beacon for the podcast. It didn't even occur to him to take the elevator.

In retrospect, a little over two years ago it was common for Gary to fall asleep in front of the television. Yes, he still nods off, but it's now the exception rather than the rule.

Gary says weight loss is a self-fulfilling prophecy. The weight loss has allowed him to be more active, which in turn causes him to lose more weight.

Gary's goal was to get off his blood pressure medication – which he did! He wrote the other goals to be able to play soccer again and other simple things that we take for granted.

Gary had long wanted to shop in Tommy Hilfiger but instead went shopping in outlet malls when he was visiting the United States. He actually enjoyed shopping in the outlet malls because he didn't even buy the largest sizes available.

Now he's shopping in Tommy Hilfiger and GANT.

Gary didn't know what impact his weight loss would have on his appearance. A guy he hasn't seen since joining Motivation looked at him across a soccer field. He eventually came over and at first said he didn't realize it, but he realized it was Gary he was looking at.

This podcast was recorded at the Motivation Weight Management headquarters in the Beacon Medical Mall.

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