Managing Your Weight With Sunshine Radio

Managing Your Weight With Sunshine Radio


An interview and what a great story …

You may remember that in 2017 we held a competition on Sunshine Radio.

Well, the winner (Mary) went back on the radio to talk about her experiences with motivation, her journey from 79kg to 61kg, and how she stays on track.

It is also worth listening to as you relate to so much of Mary's story, even if you are a current client of Motivation or perhaps considering one of our programs.

And you will find yourself nodding along as she tells her story and specifically managing your weight aspect.

Here is the gist of the interview:

Mary won a 20-week weight loss motivational program back in November 2017 when she weighed 79 kg. Today she has her ideal weight of 61 kg and, above all, keeps the weight low.

For Mary, one of her overriding concerns was the fear of going back to where she once was. Irrational as it may sound, she often woke up and thought for a split second that she had gained weight again. Crucial to dealing with this irrational thought was the support and guidance of your weight loss advisor. She assured Mary that it was and is perfectly fine to gain a few pounds back, but if that happens, take a reverse approach and lose those few pounds. It's about controlling your weight, and motivation gives you the tools and understanding to do just that.

This understanding / ability is the main difference between then and now. It used to be the accepted norm to take off and put on again on special occasions. Now the norm is to understand and monitor your weight.

Mary manages her weight by regularly participating in motivation, talking about fears and worries, and acknowledging the things she does well. During her stay at the clinic, Mary will also plan to focus on the key areas that require attention.

Here is one of the key takeaways from the interview:

Crucial to Mary's awakening, or understanding of her weight problems, was that being thin takes an effort for most people. It doesn't come by itself. In addition, weight gain is generally a slow process. For example, if you put on 2 kg or 1 kg per year, after 5 years you will have gained 5 kg. It doesn't happen quickly, it is a slow process.

For Mary, monitoring her behavior is vital. When it increases, it identifies the root cause and what it needs to change.

To listen to the interview in full, please click on this link.

A big thank you to Carol Dooley from Sunshine Radio for the gracious and understanding hostess. Recording the Weight Management Interview with Sunshine Radio was a fantastic experience for everyone involved.


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