Noeleen’s Weight Loss Story – Each Cloud Has a Silver Lining

Noeleen's Weight Loss Story

Noeleen's story of weight loss is a story of unimaginable sadness, but through all of her suffering, as she herself says, she is on the mend.

Noeleen lost her only son to cancer in 2015. The loss was compounded by the fact that he was fit, active, exercised, not smoking or drinking. How did Cancer knock her son down? As brave as he was and as incredible as the fight he was fighting, he eventually succumbed to illness after a three-year battle.

There were four in a family and there were only three left now. They were devastated. In dealing with grief, Noeleen turned to food. In Noeleen's mind, food was the lesser of two evils, so she made a conscious choice to eat instead of alcohol.

The weight inevitably increased. Coincidentally, Noleen's daughter was a target member of Motivation and she could see and understand what was happening to her mother.

The cycle of eating to fill the void further exacerbated the problem as Noeleen was unable to sleep well due to the amount of food she ate. Her daughter gently nudged Noleen from time to time for motivation, but to no avail. The penny fell for Noleen one evening when she looked at a picture of her son and put up an ad for motivation. The realization of her situation and the emotional turmoil literally poured over her and she collapsed and cried.

Fast forward to Noeleen's first consultation and as she says, "Because my weight loss advisor had me so focused and I felt this was help for me and I wasn't alone."

Noeleen, with the help of motivation and her own personal weight loss advisor, changed her relationship with food and reached the goal with a weight loss of 2 1/2 stones / 15.87 pounds.

However, Noeleen then let some of her old habits creep back in and noticed that the weight was creeping up again. She realized that not only did she need to lose weight, but she also needed to understand how to maintain the weight she had lost – Noeleen was back on track, and most importantly, back on target.

Between the fixtures and the roles, Noeleen's job changed and by chance Motivation sought a consultant for the Beacon Clinic.

Today Noeleen is a weight loss consultant here at the Beacon. She brings her life experiences, empathy, deep understanding of the program and her very good manner to helping motivation clients resolve their tangled relationships with food and reach and maintain their target weight.

Noeleen's story of weight loss will go on like life itself. If there is one important aspect of this story, it is Noeleen's determination and determination to live a healthier, and therefore happier, life.

For our part here at Motivation, it's a bit humbling to both facilitate Noeleen's weight loss journey and help her find solace in the dark days.


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