Quick Weight Loss Provides Higher Outcomes

Fast Weight Loss gives better results

For years the question has been asked, "What makes some people lose weight while others don't?"

The research was carried out by Magill University in Montreal, and studies were conducted in Canada and then repeated in France to examine the culture variable with 50 doctors and 1,300 patients. The results were peer-reviewed by other scientists to ensure their validity, and verified results were published in the international scientific medical publication The Journal of Health Psychology.

The experts examined all the physiological and psychological possibilities, including physical activity, stress and depression, and emotions, none of which were found to influence weight loss.

The results were also the same in two different parts of the world.


Patients who followed these 4 strategies kept 82% of their weight free.

  1. Type of diet The person moves on – The best result was obtained in patients following a very low-calorie protein-based diet. This is because this type of diet reduces appetite and induces a lot of energy. It creates a sense of wellbeing so that one feels positive and is rewarded by their efforts without feeling hungry or deprived.
  2. FAST WEIGHT LOSS – Rapid weight loss has been shown to be important to success because feeling and seeing results increases motivation. See REWARD is the basis of human psychology. Losing weight quickly or slowly has no relation to the speed at which you can gain weight again.
  3. FAST HABI CHANGE – It has been shown that working on habits quickly and making positive changes in your daily lifestyle works better than slow changes. It's important to address the simplest of habits first, but it's important to add new changes quickly for the best overall result in the long run.
  4. REGULAR FOLLOW-UP – This is by far the most critical element. Without follow-up, weight is likely to regain weight regardless of other factors. Once a week is best.

There are 4 ideas that lead to weight gain: (Results measured after year 4)

  1. LOW PROTEIN – The results showed that protein-based plans worked best. These weren't high protein plans, but rather the main nutrient in a balanced plan. Low in protein combined with weight gain.
  2. Slow weight loss – The assumption that you are more likely to be able to lose weight has been proven completely wrong as you are likely to lose interest due to a lack of reward or a lack of sense of achievement.
  3. Slow change in habits – As with slow weight loss, interest wanes when habits are worked out and changed over a long period of time.
  4. LESS REGULAR FOLLOW-UP – The key to permanent weight loss is tracked to identify changes in habits and attitudes. Mental awareness is key so that corrections can be made before physical weight is restored. Walking alone is pointless and the main reason weight regains 93% after 2 years.

After 1 year – recovery = 53%
After 2 years – recovery = 40%

Science shows that the advice of experts has not worked for the past twenty years. In fact, slow weight loss, slow change in habits, and going it alone have the opposite effect of what people are looking for.

The result is weight gain. The news isn't working, it has been shared for the past 20 years, and obesity has increased tremendously.

Proven research should be noted, the numbers speak for themselves. Get the Right Help, Lose Fat Fast, Correct Bad Habits Now and Most Importantly, ACCEPT and INTERNALIZE the most important step. Losing weight is the first step, the second is ongoing follow-up exams to stay aware of the habits, attitudes and behaviors that could potentially creep back in and send you back to first place.

Faster weight loss leads to better results!


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