Ready For The Cat To Bark

Waiting For The Cat To Bark

Waiting for the cat to bark is a great expression and it is the main point of Motivate Me this week.

Every day we read and hear stories from celebrities and most of the time they just float by. This week, however, I was stopped on my tracks by a seemingly innocent throw-away comment from well-known comedian Alan Carr.

Alan has been quoted in most of the red tops – the tabloids – about a new weight loss miracle cure that he would like to try so that he can postpone his 3 stone covid weight gain induced by banana bread.

As with most tabloid reports, you only get the bare bones of the facts, and this weight loss story was no different.

Over a socially distant cup of coffee with my work colleagues, we all agreed that we should set the record straight for the way this new drug was reported.

I put pen on paper and wrote some kind of letter to Alan Carr, and I recorded a video of that letter. You can see it here.

Two important points:

1. If you are a customer of motivation you know that there is no quick fix to weight loss.

Understand why the key is the key and life will change for the better in many ways as a result. As you know, there is also significant weight loss.

2. As always, if you are one of the many non-customers who read our weekly newsletter, we warmly welcome you.

Be vigilant.

During this lengthy lockdown, there are any number of companies (large and small) and scammers trying to make easy money offering miracle treatments for all kinds of diseases, including weight loss.

Miracle drugs or quick fix pills for weight loss.

They don't exist.

It's like waiting for the cat to bark.

This week's recipe – Tuna Nicoise Salad Protein Pots

These Tuna Nicoise Salad Protein Pots are a great option for on the go and convenient when preparing food for the next day. They'd make a great picnic lunch and come packed with 30g of protein, so they're super filling too.

The green beans are a good source of fiber, potassium, and folic acid, and an excellent source of protein, iron, and zinc. They contain antioxidants similar to those in green tea, also known as catechins, that can help improve heart health and treat diabetes.


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